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Encyclopaedia Britannica defines technology as “ the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or, as it is sometimes phrased, to the change and manipulation of the human environment“.

In the simplest meaning, technology is aimed at making human life comfortable. Technology can take the form of a simple screwdriver to the most complex of invention made by man. Over centuries, man has not only come up with new technologies but these have been overtaken by new ones. Always, the basic aim has remained the same.

I start with the proposition that the technology or rather the machines and devices that made our lives simpler and comfortable also made us lazy in the first place. I give the example of the first television in my home- a black and white one. It did not come up with any remote control that is so much ubiquitous today. I believe the remote control was the first ‘smart’ device to enter our lives. The trend continued with the arrival of the colour television. There was only one channel on offer and so there was no need for the remote control. But as satellite television barged into the home, the remote control became the most coveted possession. Everyone wanted to have the power to control-the content on the television.

The set top box came with a different remote control and so did the air conditioner. The music system had one to change the tracks and to raise the volume much to the chagrin of the others in the home. The DVD player had a remote in the box. In order to reduce the clutter, my brother got one universal remote control from abroad. But, the learning curve was so steep that till today, it is gathering dust in some remote corner of the home. The remote controls made everything simple but at a cost-it made people like me couch potatoes.

With walking and cycling becoming a thing of the past due to the two wheeler, my clothes became smaller and the weight became greater. Neither the missus nor the brother was happy when I found it difficult to get right sized clothes. I was asked to walk and also use the cycle. I came up with every excuse possible to not to go out to improve my physical fitness. Some days, it was the early morning cricket telecast and some days I simply was not having the mood to get out of the bed.

The years of neglect took their toll on the body. I was put on medication for the treatment of Diabetes and Hypertension. Besides the medicines and the diet, I was told to improve my physical fitness. 

I use the mobile app to monitor the distance covered and the calories consumed. The statistics have to be shared with the missus. The app uses GPS to measure the progress. I am happy when the target is reached and the missus is happy too. 

With the app not being very accurate, I am thinking of going for a Smart Wearable  like the fitness band that would also track my heart rate and monitor my sleep. The only concern is the hole in my wallet.

I am very much interested in the smart watch that one day can not only monitor my blood glucose levels in the real time and also take necessary steps to prevent hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia. I had to stay in the hospital for a few days due to hypoglycaemia.

To reduce the monotony of the walk, I connect the bluetooth earphone to the phone and listen to tunes. I can now use my voice to change the tracks thanks to Alexa. I am also excited to bring home smart speakers that can not only play music but also do a lot of things including turn on or turn off lights. Also, the smart switches connected to the home network can turn on the air conditioner and cool the room by the time I return home from a hard day at work.

I want to gift the missus smart speakers having video calling ability to put her in touch with siblings and friends. Also, appliances like the smart microwave and the smart washing machine can take the tedium out of the household chores. Smart plugs can extend the life of appliances by turning off the power at the right time. Smart lights can also help reduce the burden of the electricity bills.

These days, security is very important and the Smart Camera can provide the necessary assurance. I can look at the home using the app on my mobile phone and I can also alert the right people in times of need, even when neither me nor my family are nearby.

Flipkart has always been at the forefront when it comes to giving the latest and the best to the customers. It is no surprise that Flipkart is again taking the lead in the move towards the making of #SmartHomeRevolution using the smart devices. On the personal front, I hope to take advantage of #GetFitWithFlipkart  .The Smart Home starts with a smart device.

Things have come a full circle with gadgets and devices making us fitter and happier with their smartness. Of course, it would an affront if I do not give credit to the the likes of the missus and the brother ! It does not matter whether the smart appliance or the smart device responds to hello or Ok. But I am also fearful of the possibility that our lives can be controlled and taken over by the gadgets. I recently came across a video where a toddler asked the smart speaker for help in doing the homework.

Thanks to Flipkart and Indiblogger for providing the opportunity to win big by taking part in this blogging challenge.

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