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It is not certain when a seperate state called Telengana would come into existence.The last part of 2009 witnessed claims for and against the division of Andhra Pradesh.Political parties and politicians of all hues wanted to grab a fair share of the limelight.There were hunger stirkes that ended and got re-started in dramatic fashions.Bandhs and counter-bandhs were organised.

The BJP wanted to take the high ground by supporting the claim for a seperate state.This party proudly justifies the need for smaller states.To put import into this argument, the leaders of the BJP cite the ‘success’ achieved by the states such as Jharkhand,Chattisgarh etc. It is no surprise that these states came into existence during the NDA rule.

It is in this context that G.Kishan Reddy the floor leader of the BJP in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly writes in the The Hindu dated 16/01/10 that the creation of a seperate state called Telengana is ‘inevitable and desirable’.He uses statistics to convince the naysayers about the performance of the smaller states.Mr.Reddy also stresses the fact that a Telengana without Hyderabad would be unthinkable.

I have my origins in Andhra Pradesh and have some relatives there. But it is nearly 50 years ago that my parents decided to shift base. I know very little of the injustice done to the people of Telengana and the aspirations of the people of that region.But I have the feeling that the politicians, as always, have taken a public face for furthering their personal ambitions.

It is no secret that KCR decided to take the plunge into the issue of Telengana when he realised the futility of realising his dreams being or aligned with another political party. Even if a state were to come into existence as all indications are, there is very little that the ordinary people are going to get. Their plight will not improve.But one thing is certain, the family, friends and relatives of KCR would be assured of a bright future.

In case of smaller states, people like Madhu Koda have taken corruption to new and unprecedented levels. We read in history books of how the colonial rulers drained the wealth of the colonies.The subjects of the colonies were treated with contempt. The same is the case with the politicians like Mr.Koda. I bet things would not be much different with the likes of KCR and Co.His daughter, son and nephew are important functionaries of the party that is spearheading the cause of Telengana.

If and only if the people want, there is a justification for Telengana.That is where the problem lies.Who is going to decide what the people need, feel or think?Who should speak for the people?


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