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In his work ‘Powershift‘, Alvin Toffler writes about ‘eco-theocracy’.I do not believe that the Green crusaders in India are actually going anywhere towards bringing about a link between religious extremism and the need for ecological protection.

I will be grateful to Toffler and his publishers(Bantam Books) if they permit me to use the following few lines from the above mentioned work to explain my argument.

“Across the world, meanwhile, a green tide is gathering momentum too.This movement for ecological sanity is essential-a positive example of ordinary people around the world leading their leaders. Propelling ecology to the top of the world agenda have been a succession of sensational catastrophes, from Three Mile Island and Chernobyl to Bhopal and the Alaska oil spill.Clearly more lie ahead.

Industrial society has reached its outer limits, making it impossible to continue putting toxic wasters in our backyards, stripping the land of forests, dumping Styrofoam debris in our oceans, and punching holes in the ozone.The worldwide environmental movement is therefore a survival response to planetary crisis.

But this movement, too, has an antidemocratic fringe.It has its own advocates of a return to darkness. Some of them are ready to hijack the environmental movement in pursuit of their private political or religious agendas.”

Toffler also mentions the role played by “eco-terrorism to enforce its demands.”

The most recent controversy involved the R K Pachauri led IPCC relating to a report published in 2007 mentioning about the complete meltdown of the Himalayan glacier by the year 2035. When the IPCC came up with the report, there were dire consequences predicted.At the same time, few regarded the report as ‘too alarmist’.Once it was established that the original study on which the IPCC report was based was itself fallacious, Mr.Pachauri waved the white flag.There was also an exchange of verbal volleys between Mr.Pachauri and the Minister of the Environment, Mr.Jairam Ramesh coinciding with the Australian Open at Melbourne.But I agree with Mr.Pachauri that the glaciers are melting due to global warming and that it is a serious problem that just cannot be wished away.

Was the report a genuine mistake or does it indicate a far more sinister design?

The second part should worry us. Just as the developed countries want countries like India to adopt tighter norms and bring new technology often at the cost of development, the Green lobby inside India sounds far more pessimistic about the future carrying capacity of Mother Earth.I do not for any moment want any more careless destruction of the environment and its resources, I do wish for getting at least the facts right.

A section of the Western media believes that the there is more than that meets the eye in the work done by Mr.Pachauri and his associates. It is alleged that all the reports are just sexed up (a la the Reports on the existence of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq) to secure funds for personal use.It would be pity if the likes of Mr.Pachauri go for environmental protection just as M/s Bush and Blair went with weapons to Iraq.That is where the situation becomes grim just to imagine that we are being held to ransom by some eco-terrorists when already we are the targets of terrorists!


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