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Scams involving cash and other kinds of benefits have become the order of the day. Politicians cutting across party lines have more than their fingers in the sticky pie. There have been allegations regarding the ‘undue’ favour shown to some while others who chose to remain straight are often left behind. Nepotism is also something that is nothing new in this country.

No one knows what fate will befall on the politicians who have been shown the door-pending further enquiry- a phrase that Indians should be proud about. There is a growing cynicism and justified also that the guilty would eventually come clean with no allegations proved-something that is the envy of the manufacturers of detergents and non-stick cookware!

There has been a hue and cry in the media about the misdeeds and the misdoings of those in power. But not much thought has been given to the role of the Officials or the Bureaucrats or the Babus. The media highlights and rightly so the sincere efforts of the Babus whilst no time or space is given in exposing their wrongdoings.

I am not suggesting that all Babus-relating to the State Level Administrative Services or those appointed by the Union Government are unscrupulous, corrupt or hand-in-glove with the politicians who are scam prone. At least a few are involved in shady dealings.

It is not uncommon to find the Babus misuse their power and influence to get things done for self or the near and dear.

In some cases, the politicians and their friends are so powerful and influential that the Officials do not want to take any risk. The files are cleared fast and without any objections. In certain cases, the Babus just seize the opportunity and join the ranks of the corrupt. When there is corruption everywhere with no fear of any punitive action it pays to swim with the current. It is a cost versus benefit analysis- the benefits in the form of riches and connections that can be encashed anytime are more powerful than the costs-postings that are not rewarding and at ‘dangerous’ places.

Whether it is Adarsh scam or the CWG loot or the 2G scam, some officials were involved in the murky dealings. It is not possible for the politicians to go through every piece of paper that comes their way and take the call. There is also the issue relating to the clearances given by the state or the central governments for various projects. Once the Courts step in and decide that something illegal took place, the projects are grounded but no action is deemed necessary action the Babus who put their signature either for fear or for favour.

We do not want those kind of Babus who are not able to do what they are supposed to do and for what they are paid for. Things have come to such a pass that urban legends and myths are created and circulated when a Civil Servant does his/her duty sincerely.


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