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It is time for me to drop my non-existent and proverbial hat into the debate featuring Linux vis-à-vis other proprietary Operating Systems.

It is for 10 years that I have been using different versions of the Windows OS-from Win 98 to Windows Vista. In between, I got the chance to use Mac OS thanks to my brother. During these years, I have tried my hand at different ‘live’ versions of Linux.I found Knoppix and Ubuntu to be extremely good.But why haven’t I switched to Ubuntu?

The answer lies in the ease of use associated with Windows. It is only a matter of double clicking the .exe file to install a new software or an application in the Windows environment. That experience is missing in Ubuntu. One can always go to the Ubuntu repositories to get the software but then installation is really cumbersome, i.e, for ordinary people.

I have my own experience which may bring out the practical difficulties of using Linux.

I am unable to connect to the internet using my broadband modem because there is no driver and the driver that I found on the internet cannot be installed.The same problem crops up when I try to connect to the net using my cellphone as the modem.

In Windows, the Media Player is capable of playing my MP3 files and also videos.For those formats that are not recognized by Windows Media Player, I use VLC. I cannot do the same in Ubuntu for there is no native support for playing MP3 files. I have to download the suitable codecs from the net. Now how to download and if I use another computer for the download, I am still stuck with the impossible task of installing them on my computer.

It is only when these and similar issues are sorted out that Ubuntu or for that matter any other flavour of Linux would be acceptable to the ordinary users.

Until then I shall depend on Windows.



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