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It is for years that cell phone users have been asking for a common standard as far as the chargers are concerned.Every cellphone maker has a different charging device.Even within the same brand, models tend to come with different chargers over a period of time.

I started with a Nokia 6610 and now I am using Nokia XpressMusic 5800.The earlier charger has a different pin tip on the charger and so does not suit the new phone.Also, I have a Windows powered phone that has a mini-USB port for charging as well as for data transfers.My parents have a Samsung and a Nokia phone.Again, the chargers are different.So there a number of chargers at home which are not compatible with all phones.

For some time now, there has been a talk of cellphone makers thinking of adopting the mini-USB as the standard port for charging.That would definitely reduce the clutter and free us from the tyranny of the wires.There are times, when a significant part of the travel bag is occupied by the different chargers.

I came across a write-up at gottabemobile.com that talks of Apple putting its weight behind the idea of the mini-USB.This is a welcome step in the right direction.

However, I am not amused by the premise that a single type of charger would be helpful in making the world much more greener.


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