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It is not every day that someone comes forward with the unbelievable offer of satisfying the shopaholic in me and my wife.That offer has been made by indiblogger and qvendo.com.

It took me and my wife a good deal of time to settle down on the goodies that are on display at qvendo.com. The fact that my infant son wanted to have a go at the laptop made the matter even more time consuming that it should have been.Of course, in real life, I have to put up with the hard bargains that my wife has the knack of.

Since my wife has to be given precedence, I shall start with the things that she requires.

1.Replay Gold Brass Bangle- to show that she is young at heart.

2.Replay Siver Red, Green Earrings-to compete with her younger sister.

3.Luis Trenker Vest Rosi Green Women-to flaunt herself.

4.Luis Trenker Sweater Matilde Light Grey Women-to beat the chill in style.

5.Pink Poodle Bag Funkline-Jungle Saturday-Green-to throw her weight around.

6.Pink Poodle Celebrity Amy Black-to make her feel like a celebrity.

7.Pink Poodle Young Art Graffitiy-The Statement-Pink-Black- to make her appear colourful.

8.Pink Poodle Young Art Graffitiy-Brilliant Black-to carry small change and her ubiquitous cell phone

9.Replay Ladies Watch-RW 5901 NR-to make a statement in denims.

10.Replay Ladies Watch-RN 5203 NH-for formal occasions.

11.Replay Unisex Watch-RH5501N2D-for casual occasions.

Now comes the goodies that my wife has selected for me.She has the habit of reminding me about any lack of fashion sense on my part. Having been a teacher for more than 15 years and also being the son of teachers I am someone who does not like to be in sync with the latest in fashion. I want my clothes and accessories to be functional and something which can be comfortable to wear.But since marriage, my fashion sense has been codified by my wife. Here then are the things for me.

1.Replay Gents Watch- RM3306 NH- I have managed to hold of my wife and selected something that would always appeal to me.

2.True Religion Jeans Bobby Men- I have always loved to wear jeans and this piece seems to be perfect. I would not like to wear this to my workplace but for other occasions this is right.

3.True Religion Longsleeve Bike Seat Rock N-I am always interested in going to places on my bike and even if such journeys have been drastically slashed partly due to the rising petrol prices and the demands of my wife, the longsleeve has been picked by her.

4.True Religion Shoe Black- My wife feels that I appear older than my years thanks to the shoes that I have and so for a change, this shoes can brighten my looks.

5.Luis Tenker Blazer Sandro Black Men- I am tired of wearing jackets and sweaters in the winter months and this blazer seems to be the right mix of style and functionality.

6.Luis Trenker Trouser Petrus Beige Men-My trousers are usually dark and so the beige one can have it place of prominence in my wardrobe.

7.Luis Trenker Belt Franco Brown Men-My belts are black and a brown one should complement nicely the Beige trouser.

8.Luis Trenker Shoe Axel Brown Men- the shoes are different from what I have.

9.Replay Silver Cufflinks-RAM130- sometimes a bit of class is not harmful.

I hope the wishlist(s) help me win the grand prize.

For more great offers on qvendo.com. here is the link.


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