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I come from a small town where the market is only just starting to pick up with some new sellers venturing out into areas like furniture. Earlier, one had to leave oneself at the mercy of the local carpenter or get the furniture from other places. The local carpenter has the habit of never sticking to the deadlines or the costs. The cost overruns and the delays often are similar to the projects undertaken by the public sector. Also, one could not always vouch for the quality of the finished product.




Getting the furniture from other places has its own problems with clearances required from officials of the forest department and the department of commercial tax. The problems get more complicated in case of wooden furniture! In order to get over, one has to use the oldest trick not given in any book-give bribes. There is further the issue of transporting furniture safely.




So for while, I wanted some alternative way of getting quality furniture. Then came online sellers of furniture from reputed manufacturers right in my doorstep. It is like a fantasy that has come true. With online marketing gaining reputation for delivering quality material often in a timely manner in a ‘what you see is what you get’ order, things have only become better.




It is just a matter of few clicks of the mouse and the keyboard that one can get furniture delivered right on the doorstep. Of course, one has to wait for a couple of days for the package to arrive. Many of my friends and colleagues are happy to vouch for the online purchase of furniture.




So the next time my wife wants some furniture for the home, I shall only be happy to meet her demand by going over to the laptop and visit some online furniture store.Of course, my friend-the debit card should be in the right mood!

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