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 Having a true friend who can be relied upon in times of need is not always the case and I am lucky to have one such person who is more than a friend.

There have been a number of occasions when our supposed adventures have ended up more as misadventures but then after a while we two have given ourselves enough memories to laugh about and even someday recount them to our children. 

This is about one adventure that was undertaken some years ago. We enjoy each other’s company and more so when holding glasses with some alcoholic beverage. But things are not always easy to have some drinks in this small town of ours. So on weekends we tried to plan to go away from the town, home and all the other restrictions to have some time just for us. 

An opportunity came our way in the form of Diwali-the festival of lights when my friend spares no expenses in making his children happy. We decided to take advantage of this festival and go to a nearby town across the state border to have some drinks. But one drink led to two and then we could not count anymore.In that state of intoxication, it was not possible to buy any firecrackers  or drive the bike.So we decided to take rest for a few hours and we woke up with our cellphones ringing incessantly with worried family members wanting to know our whereabouts.

By the time we woke up, it was dark and there was no question of buying the firecrackers. We made our way to our homes and there were a lot of questions that would even shame someone who prepares a questionnaire for a criminal investigation. When asked about the firecrackers, I told my wife that they were safe with my friend. He also told the same.

The next day we want to the local market and got the firecrackers for Diwali. On that day we promised that the local market was the best for getting firecrackers from in the future.

However, on the eve of every Diwali since then we remember this adventure and have a hearty laugh.

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