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My wife is extremely serious when it comes to me.

She is not happy with the time I spend on the internet and the social media. She calls the laptop as my first wife. Ditto for the television and the cell phone. She even sometimes gives the ultimatum about the need to take her more seriously.

She is serious when it comes to the way I dress, which in most cases is casual. She wants me to stick to a more formal attire in keeping with my occupation. But I am more comfortable with my way.

She is serious about my health and there is a lengthy list of dos and donts that I have to stick to. Three weeks ago I felt some discomfort and she took me to a doctor who prescribed some antacid or antiflatulent and that served the purpose. Not content, she wanted me to consult a cardiac specialist who asked me to go for a number of diagnostic tests. Even after spending a good deal of time and money, nothing wrong was found with me.But my wife is not satisfied nor are her siblings who want me to change my ways and that includes no to coffee among other things. In all seriousness, I tried to reason but to no avail.

I am someone who does not in many cases take things seriously and that is what is sometimes the main reason as to why my wife takes most things seriously.

We have to relax and learn to enjoy life by taking the rough with the smooth.

Recently, a senior colleague of mine was asked about his secret of happiness. He smiled and replied that he does not take anything seriously.

As far as my wife is concerned, even a Cadbury 5Star bar cannot reduce her seriousness levels because the fabulous  chocolate treat is on the banned list in my home.Truly, her #ConditionSeriousHai.

This is my post for the contest organised by and Cadbury5Star.






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