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The mobile phones have become smarter with many features that were not even thinkable being offered now. The displays have become larger and brighter with some even offering resolutions of 2k. The cameras found in the mobile phones of today are no longer a gimmick but have to a large extent at least for the ordinary user have succeeded in making the point and shoot cameras redundant.

With 3G offered by most operators, it is just a matter of few clicks or swipes or touches to access the internet and the many offerings it has to offer.

Publications in the form of e-books have made reading on the go a new experience.The printed material has given way to bytes and e-readers.

Same is the case with audio and video files. Personal media players have been stowed away into some corner of the house with the newer phones possessing the best hardware and software to play audio and video files. No longer is it necessary to carry a bag load of different gadgets and their chargers and cables. One device-the ubiquitous smartphone does it all in a small form factor fitting every pocket.

Shopping on the mobile phones is also possible with only the purse allowing the payment.
The many apps have made it possible not only to view and edit documents but also to create them and in this process one is no longer tied to the laptop or the desktop.

Battery technology is something that needs to improve in order to keep up with the displays and the multitasking the phones of today being capable of.

For me or more specifically, I need a mobile phone that is capable of showing my location to my wife. There have been times when I need to stay at my work place beyond the regular hours and true to her wont, my wife is not in the habit of believing it. She terms me a liar and I am not happy with the ever growing size of this tag.

There is another feature that I want in my incredible phone-the ability to decipher the emotions of the caller. I can be in a position to know the emotion of the caller so that necessary arrangements can be made at my end to avoid any unpleasantness. Be it my boss or my wife or my seniors, this feature would truly make my life less cumbersome with no one forced to provide any false excuses.

This post is my shot at the fabulous Zenphone offered by ASUS and

More details of the Zenphone are available at


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