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The colour black is associated with darkness, gloom and bleak. The negative connotations of black are evident from the use of the terms like blacklist , blackmagic, blackmoney and blackmarket etc. Of course, the blackbox or the flight data recorder used in aeroplanes is not black in colour!

For me black signifies something that inspires confidence by being different from other colours. Black represents solidity and strength. It is stately without being garish. Black represents consistency which sometimes is misconstrued as being arrogant. A diamond comes from coal which is black.

The colour black is my favourite with many of my dear things being black.Also, I desire to own many things black in the future and for that reason limiting the number to five is somewhat of an understatment.

I shall start with the black colour of the ink that I use in my pen. I feel blue is some colour that has no presence since it is ubiquitous. I derive immense pride for my signature that is made from black. Moreover, the black colour of the ink is in perfect contrast to the white of the paper-made for each other like yin and yang.

My shoes are black and whether it is formal or not, I always like to wear black shoes and even sandals. Any other colour on the feet is something of an oddity and less masculine in my view.The shine of the freshly polished black shoe is something that makes for a great impact.

My bike is something that is very close to me and it is black. There is another and even more compelling reason why I love the black bike. It was gifted to me on a birthday by my youngest brother who is sadly out of the coverage area of my network in heaven.

I love to wear my black trousers with a black t-shirt on top. It is not possible for me to wear my favourite t-shirt to my workplace but I cannot give my trousers a miss. My wife wants me to try other colours but I am extremely reluctant. The belt is also black and so are the pair of sunglasses. I am also extremely proud of my black moustache.

The music system that I have now is black but the music coming out of it has made my life pleasant even when it is not. It never complains.

I misuse and abuse my black wallet on a regular basis. It holds most of my plastic cards without which my identity is lost during the times of the UIDAI and the Aadhar cards. The wallet is well past its use-by date but I am not ready to replace it for sentimental reasons.

Lastly, there is my favourite comic character –the Dark Knight-Batman who is dressed in black. All his cars and bikes are black. Batman does not have any superpowers like Superman and nor was he bitten ever by some radioactive spider.

Next come the things black I would love to acquire in the future-

I would to love to my love for bikes to a stratospheric level by buying a black Harley-Davidson. It would leave a perfect mark on the black tarmac. The looks could be complemented by the black leather jacket, a pair of black shoes and the black helmet.

My wife is not happy with my love of the colour black but I have decided to surprise her by having a black car. I want to feel like royalty.

I would love to have a black smartphone for me and my wife. I am not happy with phones sporting colours. Complementing the phone shall be the black laptop, the black HDTV, the black home theatre system and the black tablet. Connecting them together would be the black wi-fi router. The colour of my digital universe would look awesome in black.

My favourite beverage is coffee but over the past six months, but my wife has put an end to my coffee habit blaming it for my insomnia among other things. I would love to have freshly brewed coffee having no milk and little sugar. Of course, once in a while I am allowed to take a few bites of my favourite black chocolate bar.

I am very proud of my long and black moustache. It has started to have some white streaks and even if I do not have any ability to turn back time, I wish my moustache and the occasional beard to stay black forever.

If only wishes were horses, but black is truly beautiful.

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