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I love taking part in contests/giveaways and also like to try to blog. Indiblogger has joined with for the very interesting Lucky6 Game.

There is the app called the ‘Fat Cap’ that is available for the iOS and the Android platforms that needs to be downloaded and installed onto the mobile device. In case of the Android devices, it is to be noted that this app is not a part of the Google Play store. The app has to be downloaded from

Once installed, there is the need to give in the necessary details and sign up or register. After that there is the common email verification step. Then one can log into the app and take part in the Lucky6 Game.

There are two games-Lucky6 and Quiz App that appear after the successful login. The Quiz App is something that is of no use right now. It is the Lucky6 Game that is what matters for this contest. There is a list of stocks of a number of companies of India and abroad. All one needs to do is to pick 6 stocks and try luck.

Lucky 6: Combining the fun of games with life changing prizes
Playing games on your mobile is fun, but what if you could play a game AND potentially change your life?

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our Fat Cat app with an innovative lottery-style game called Lucky 6. It’s simple to play: just pick six of your favorite brands, and if their stocks see the highest gains on game day…you win! And here’s the best part: our prizes are things that can really make an impact in your life. We’re giving away everything from large cash prizes to luxury holidays.

The global launch of this game begins in India and You will be the first one to experience the game and tell the world about it.

The app is user friendly with no requirements of rocket science. A few taps and swipes is all one needs to do to enjoy the game and if lady luck smiles, things can be really worthwhile.

Shares worth 100 Euros for every valid entry
Try the app out and share your review and thoughts about the game. Every valid entry wins shares worth Euro 100 in the company who owns the game. That means that the game’s success is your success, and in six months you can either cash in or hold on and possibly earn up to twenty times more! Fat Cat is a crowdfunded campaign. Read about it here (registration required).

However, I am pretty annoyed by the message “something went wrong…..please try again later…. “ most of the times I logged into the app.

Here are a few screenshots of the app on my Android device.





All the best.


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