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I have a confession to make. I don’t like to shave on a regular basis. I consider shaving a tedious exercise and not something that can be enjoyed. This attitude towards shaving is a result of the days that I spent in the university during my post graduation. I regarded the beard as a manifestation of manliness.

In the initial period of job I shaved at least once every three days. Then as old habits die hard, I returned to the good old days where shaving was no longer important. My parents, my colleagues and some friends wanted to know the reason for the unkempt look. Some senior colleague went around the town with the rumor that a breakup in love matter was the real reason for the unshaven face. My father was extremely upset since he does not even sport a moustache and shaves almost everyday. Nothing could change my habit though. I found support from an unexpected quarter- my younger brother who fully supported my views on shaving. This gave me the encouragement to continue the bearded run.

The beard resulted in certain things. Students always kept a distance for they feared my looks.A few students not knowing my name knew me by my beard ! Some colleagues did express their contempt for the so-called unclean look. Whenever I removed my beard, there were looks. But I simply did not give a damn.

However, marriage brought a complete change in my shaving routine. My mother briefed my wife on my irregular shaving habits and all hell broke loose. My wife is extremely upset if I don’t have a shave. There are occasions when I like to offer an excuse for not shaving. But she wouldn’t budge even a centimeter and I have no other alternative but to pick up the razor and remove the beloved beard.

When it is time for some social engagement, I have to shave and the order from the high command is simply non-negotiable. My wife insists that a well-trimmed moustache and a proper shave are a must for my profession. I short, I have to look presentable so that I might miss on some opportunity.

In the course of my shaving experience so far, I have tried different types of blades and razors. I started with twin blade razor and now it is a four blade one . I will definitely give a try the five bladed wonder from Gillette.Each promises to remove more of the stubborn stubble out from the skin, thereby promising a much cleaner look and with a greater degree of comfort.Blogadda and Gillette have this opportunity to cash in on my shaving stories.

I have really started to shave even if it is not something I love.

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