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For someone who has no experience in having sex before marriage, this post is a difficult ask indeed. The only motivation here is the great prizes on offer from including an autographed copy of ‘A Passionaate Gospel of True Love: A Mystical True Love Story’ by Poonaam Uppal for the trouble of tapping a few lines.

In most of the religions, pre-marital sex is a strict no-no and it is a taboo. Even today, it is not something that is considered to be a topic for discussion out in the public domain.

There is always the fear of unwanted pregnancies and in countries where abortion is illegal, things are always going to be difficult for the mother and her family, especially when there is no marriage. In the absence of a proper social security system, the burden of raising the child born outside of marriage is very high.

Pre-marital sex involving youngsters also has the risk of leading towards diseases including the deadly AIDS as knowledge of safe sex is very sparse particularly in many African and Asian countries. The spread of AIDS in Africa is largely the result of pre-marital sex.

In India where there are strong social restrictions on pre-marital sex and also on sex outside marriage, the issue of pre-marital sex has become important in recent times. The unwanted pregnancies and the resulting social stigma has driven many young girls and sometimes even their parents to the path of suicide. There is also the question of ‘honour killing’ in some cases.

In countries like India, pre-marital sex and the consequent social troubles has often led to the fresh supply of girls from the poorer sections into the route of commercial sex workers.

There is now the twist in the tale.

Despite all the demerits, I am in favour of pre-marital sex. Why? There are solid reasons behind my stand. When young we were told not to smoke or drink alcohol. But while growing up, there were a lot of things that we experimented with and I have very few regrets about such incidents. Of course, there are always some of us, who got carried away by the experiments to the point of no return. There is always a rider associated with such experiments, including pre-marital sex.

However, I must confess to one hypocrisy. I am for pre-marital sex so long as it does not involve some one from my family!


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