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Singapore is a city state and it takes little time to traverse the entire country from end to end. The limited geographical area, however, is no obstacle to the economic importance that Singapore has enjoyed for a long time. Very often, Singapore has been cited as an example of a well-developed and well-governed country with many countries aspiring to reach those heights.

I am, however, not interested in these details. I am more interested in things that are more close to my belly and food delights of Singapore in particular. I am a fan of food related travel shows from different corners of the world. As far as the gastronomic delights of Singapore are concerned, I have been influenced by the television shows of Anthony Bourdain and Bobby Chinn. Chinn even cooked some signature dishes of Singapore.

Singapore is home to people of various ethnicities ranging from the Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian to even the Koreans. The diversity of the people and their cultures has resulted in a unique mix of food style that is uniquely Singaporean. To give an example, there are certain dishes where tamarind juice is used along with ingredients that are never used in the traditional cooking of India. There is a lot of food to be tasted right from the China Town to Little India.

Anthony Bourdain in the course of his ‘layover’ in Singapore starts the day with the traditional breakfast that is loved by many in Singapore-Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs. Being fond of food that is sweet, I would love to dig my teeth into the coconut custard jam and warm toast with butter sandwich. It would be good to wash it down all with a large cup of tea made in Little India.

Speaking about the influences of India, I would love to try the red coloured chicken dish where one has to use straw to drink the juice from the marrow of the bone. Sticking to Indian influence, Bobby Chinn cooked the Fish Head Curry where tamarind juice and okra are used. I like fish but my sensibilities prevent me from having this curry.

There is the crab preparation made either with pepper or chillies. The one with the pepper is considered to be uniquely Singaporean.

Laksa, a kind of a soup is something that fuses Chinese and Malay elements known locally as Perankan culture.There is also noodles and Satay that is of Indonesian origin.

A variety of rice dishes are savoured. There can be chicken rice or duck rice which is for some the national dish or Singapore. There is also Biryani with some native twists reflecting the influences of various cultures. Roti Prata is like the Indian bread or roti but sounding different due to the Malay name.

Most of the great food on offer in Singapore can be had from the streets and the quality of the food is something that can be assuring thanks to the strict regulations of the government relating to health and hygiene.

Singapore is a true melting pot of different cultures, traditions and ethnicities. This is reflected in the food culture that appeals to all kinds of tastes and sensibilities. But each dish is uniquely Singaporean like the country itself.

In Hindu mythology, there was the divine churning of the ocean that resulted in ‘Amrit’ or nectar. The same is the case with the food of SIngapore.

This post is my entry for the contest promoted by indiblogger,in and Far East Hospitality. The website of Far East Hospitality has all the information regarding the food and other details for those interested to take the food plunge in Singapore.There are some great prizes on offer for the effort.

As part of the contest, a meme is created and my meme is



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