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Years ago, Francis Bacon gave his famous quote “Knowledge is power” and that statement is highly relevant in the world of today where things and the information relating to things move faster than the blink of the eye.

In this world of today where we like to traverse the information superhighway with the mobiles in our palms, the great differentiator is the access to information that is served digitally.

Throughout the pages of history, the advancement of man and civilizations has been the result of not power or weapons or wealth but through the power of information and knowledge. The great powers of today are wealthy and derive their powers from the ability to not only gather knowledge but also the ability to disperse the knowledge to their peoples.

The digital revolution is not just intended to help the big corporations or the government. It is ultimately intended to take services to the citizens involving savings of money as well as time.The digital means of communication involving the use of social media can play a great role in making the government reach the citizens, thereby, promoting welfare.

From my experience as a teacher in a college I can tell the world about the tremendous benefit of leveraging digital technology to make life easier. About a few years ago, the Government of Odisha decided to introduce the system of E-Admission as part of the Students Admission Management System (SAMS) as part of e-governance.

The new system replaced the earlier system where students had to apply to individual colleges. This was difficult for students and parents since it required large amounts of money and time. Moreover, the system was not considered transparent and there were always complaints of nepotism and favouritism.

With e-admission, the student has to go online and make one application to any college within the state of Odisha and the whole process is transparent with the use of email and text messaging to inform the applicant his/her status. Life has become less difficult for those coming from remote areas and with limited resources.

As far as the teachers in the colleges are concerned, there is no need to go through the mark sheets in order to prepare the merit lists. The merit lists are now prepared digitally taking into account the reservations and weightages thereby ensuring greater accuracy and almost no scope for human errors or omissions.

We all know the difference it made to our lives with the introduction of computers in banks and then when the computers became part of a giant network making it easier to transfer and receive funds and also to check accounts.The same can be stated about the convenience of booking railway tickets using the power of digital technology.

Recently, the Government of New Delhi introduced digital ration cards for people to avail the benefits from the Public Distribution System (PDS). People can have information about the stocks of essential commodities with the respective Fair Price Shops (FPS), thereby ensuring less of leakages and greater benefits for the true beneficiaries.

Initiatives like this are certainly welcome in view of the corruption that is widespread in the context of public services that are actually the right of the citizens. The corruption is mostly due to the lack of information about the policies and the initiatives of the government. The use of the modern technology like the internet is not only cost effective but also is quick. With more and more people having access to the internet and social media thanks to cheaper smartphones, the task before the government becomes much less cumbersome when it comes to the dissemination of information.

Intel has been at the forefront of the digital revolution by powering more than 90% of computers and the like. Intel is also powering tablets and smartphones. These devices are certainly going to make #DigitalIndia which is going to be the first step in laying the foundation for a new India.

This is my post for the great contest put by indiblogger.in and Intel.


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