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I come from a society where extending a helping hand to the wife in doing the household chores is not considered manly. I am not exaggerating. I know friends and colleagues who do not have the knowledge of making a cup of tea. The mother is followed by the wife. So washing clothes is a strict no-no, even when a washing machine is used in the household. The same goes for the ironing or the pressing of the clothes. These two jobs are the exclusive domain of the ladies and for some of the more affluent, it is the neighbourhood dhobi who does these two things.

My mother worked as a teacher and had to put up with a heavy load of work at home and also at the school. It was not an easy task to raise four children, of course, my father makes fantastic tea and coffee.

When young, it was my mother who took care of the washing of the clothes. The pressing task was given to the dhobi. Mother did not have any trust as far as her clothes were concerned . She ironed her own clothes.

As me and my siblings became older, we were encouraged to wash our clothes and this habit came to help us save a lot of money during our stays in hostels. When it came to ironing, it was a mixed affair.

In course of time, the washing machine became a member of our household and now it was father who became the boss of the washing. Post-retirement, he took great interest in the working of the gadgets and appliances and the washing machine was no exception. Mother would collect clothes and put them in the washing machine and then father took over. He became a master of the drill when it came to the operation of the machine. He would sit in front of the machine, even when the machine is a fully automatic one! Even now, he goes through the same routine.

I do not put my undergarments in the machine. I also do not put my t-shirts in the washing machine.I use my trusted hands to wash them. After the birth of my son with my wife being overburdened with work, I decided to share some of the responsibility of the cloth washing. There was a fatherly pride associated with the task of providing clean clothes to my son.

Now my son who is only four years old wants to help his mother operate the washing machine. He is extremely happy when he is given the task of putting detergent in the machine.

In my household, it was and is no big deal for the men to share the responsibility of washing the clothes. I am happy not to be a stereotype.

So I have taken up the #WashBucketChallenge to help other husbands change their mindsets and #ShareTheLoad when it comes to washing clothes. Of course, I am not ashamed to confess the prizes on offer !

This is my post for the contest promoted by blogadda.,com with Ariel, the maker of the finest detergent to wash dirty linen, though not in the public !


This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at is association with Ariel India



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