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All deals with or without the use of money, involve Dil or the heart. Of course, there are some deals that may make a very big hole in our wallets or there are some that break the heart. There are also a few deals or atleast one deal that we all have or might make in our lives where the deal is made with the devil and the consequences might be unpleasant or something that makes us regret the deal.

In this blog post of mine, the deals are about the ones where I gifted something that I believed were dear to the recipients. The online shopping portals have made gifting easier and at the sametime the element of surprise is very high.

My younger brother wanted to have the DVD of a much talked about movie but he couldn’t. While browsing a shopping portal I chanced upon the preorder for the movie and without any hesitation, I paid for it. Me and my brother are both fans of the fantastic music created by J J Cale. After his sad demise, Eric Clapton, his friend and a great musician paid a tribute with help from some big names of the music world, including the likes of Mark Knopfler. I preordered the CD for my brother and he was extremely happy with the gifts. His delight more than made up for the money that I spent.

I wanted to gift my father a t-shirt on his birthday and ordered one online. But due to reasons beyond comprehension the order was cancelled. Then I decided to go to another shopping portal for the t-shirt. My wife suggested that I should also give something to my mother. So after a long deliberation, I ordered the t-shirt for my father and a saree for my mother alongwith a t-shirt for my brother. The young fellows-my parents had no inkling of the surprise and they were delighted. Again, I was proud of listening to my heart.

My wife is extremely fond of things golden and shiny. I am not sure about the quality of gold jewellery in my town. With the tablet in her hand, my wife spends some time everyday browsing through shopping portals dedicated to the sale of jewellery. I decided to give her a surprise and went online for a pair of earrings. When the earrings arrived, my wife was kind of shocked and uttered something that did not make any sense.Even as I could not understand any of the gibberish, I was quite sure of the deal making the mark on her dil.

As a student of Economics, I am constantly required to make an objective comparison between the costs and benefits while making any decision to purchase something. All I can say is that the benefits in terms of the happiness and delight on the faces of the people I love and care for always has exceeded the costs in terms of the money spent.

This post is my entry in the contest put up by Blogadda and Snapdeal

I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdeal activity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.


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