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ASUS is known for making some of the better motherboards and graphic cards for quite a while. Asus also has a presence in the laptop and desktop arena and is involved in the making of various devices and peripherals in the world of computing.

ASUS has expanded its product portfolio by making an entry into the world of mobile phones and tablets. I can vouch for the quality of the products on the basis of the ownership of the Nexus 7 tablet (2013) made by Asus for Google. If the quality of that device is anything to go by, then there can be no looking back for ASUS when it comes to mobile phones and more specifically, smartphones.

My first true smartphone was the Nokia XpressMusic 5800. It put the internet in my palms and for that I had to touch the screen. The camera quality was good and the audio quality was simply outstanding. But the touch was something that was iffy thanks to the resistive display.

Then came the Windows phone from Micromax which appealed to me since I use Windows to power up my laptop. The quality of the touch screen was not impressive and the camera was not really upto the mark.

Then came into my life one of the better smartphones of its time-the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. The display was outstanding and so was the camera. The touch experience was a revelation. The audio quality as expected from Sony was great. But the phone lagged when it came to multitasking on account of the processor and the low amount of RAM. Also, the phone does not have a front camera for the selfies and for applications like Skype.

The first editions from the line-up of ZenFone(s) from ASUS were received with a lot of interest. The reviews of the products were encouraging and the response from the users motivated Asus to go to the next level and offer better phones.

The efforts of ASUS have resulted in the launch of ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML). The specifications of the phone are really awesome. In many ways, this phone is an evolutionary progression.

The first thing that attracts me is the mind boggling 4GB RAM on board the phone. Is this amount of RAM necessary or is this some overkill or some gimmick? My first computer came with 128 MB of RAM and until a couple of years ago, it served me. The 4 GB of RAM is needed for multitasking and to make the phone run applications without any lags or stutters. I like to browse with music playing in the background and also have social networks in the running.

The second thing is the processor that is provided by Intel, The 64 bit Atom 2.3 Ghz Quad core processor has the muscle to put to shame many of the computers some of us use. The processor and the RAM provide the juice to make the phone an all-rounder- a combination of speed and efficiency.

The third feature for me is the charging technology that is provided by ASUS called Boost Master that claims to charge upto 60% of the battery in just 39 minutes. With smartphones constantly connected to the internet, there is a big demand on the battery. Moreover, we are not in a position to wait for hours on end to get the phones charged. This is where the ZenFone 2 is offering something radical.

The fourth feature is the camera on the phone that uses the Pixel Master technology developed by ASUS which promises to shoot images that are 400% brighter in low light conditions using the low light mode. The super HDR mode further enhances the camera experience. Now, my wife shall not be unhappy over the bad quality images of her taken by me in low light conditions.

The fifth feature is the rear controls that make the experience different and also better. It may take time getting used to the rear controls with regard to the volume rocker etc, but certainly worth the effort.

The smartphone is not a phone-it is a great device that combines many devices into one small but powerful package and the ZenFone 2 fits the bill nicely. If only I had the money !


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