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It was in the year 1992 that I heard Bruce Springsteen lamenting about ’57 Channels and Nothins’ On’. The song was quite strange to me since back home I had only one channel to watch and that too courtesy, the Government of India-Doordarshan. But as time passed by, the march and the reach of technology in the form of cable television brought the joy and the occasional hassle of surfing across the channels a reality. As channels increased there were fights between the family members for the first right to watch the television. In my home, my father by virtue of being the head of the household always wanted to keep himself informed of the news which in the days gone by were not like the soap operas of today. Me and my siblings though were given the opportunity to watch sports and games. Of course, all rules were waived away when on the rare occasion my mother wanted to watch television after taking care of the demanding schedules at home and at her school.

A time came all my siblings left town first for their higher studies and then for jobs. I got a job in my home town and since then have been staying with my parents. Then came the problem of watching the television with my retired father getting time to digest news from different channels and also in multiple languages and me interested in sports and games. The tension was diffused with the coming home of a second television to the home for my use. But there were times when small fights erupted between my mother and father but only their egos were dented.

Then came to my home the wonder called direct-to-home or D2H where with a small parabolic dish on the roof I could connect the televisions directly to the satellites. Then my wife came into the mix and she could not understand the logic of me and my father watching the same cricket telecast on two different televisions across a distance of few feet but shouting in unison on the fall of a wicket or the striking of a boundary. My mother made it clear to my wife about the situation. My mother also remarked at the prospect of having cricket on a third television if me and my father were given the opportunity !

Within a few years, my son was attracted by the cartoons and now he has total control over the televisions and the remote controls. No amount of persuasion can make him reason to allow his poor father watch some news or catch some latest score or results from the sporting world. Compounding the problem is the wife who has strict curfew hours imposed where getting access to the television after a designated hour in the night is strictly prohibited.

With the Tata Sky Transfer, I can overcome these problems and watch television even on my smartphone. My wife also can have her quota with the help of the tablet that is connected to the home wi-fi network. I also can record and view content of a very high quality in terms of the video and audio at my convenience. The hard drive of the Tata Sky Transfer set top box has a capacity of 500 gigabytes that can accommodate not only my favourites but also the ones that delight my wife and son.  The rewind, forward and pause features really appear to bring the television to the palm. The ability to view recorded content anytime and anywhere even without remaining connected to the internet is something that is magical, to say the least. At home, I can stream content from the set top box to the smartphone and/or the tablet without putting my son to inconvenience.

I was starting to worry about the inability to watch the forthcoming cricket series between India and South Africa given the preference of my son to watch his cartoons. With  #TataSkyTransfer I can upgrade my existing Tata Sky set top box and enjoy cricket even while I am in the college and have leisure between classes. This way I can also become a brand ambassador for Tata Sky Transfer for the benefit of my colleagues and friends !

Tata Sky and indiblogger have come together to offer great prizes.

This video shows about the troubles and the travails faced by the members of a family while watching television and the family members are us !


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