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In these times of negativity and cynicism we can hardly expect people or acts that are meant only to provide succour and not to enrich self. So one is extremely surprised to hear someone or something that brings a smile to a face when everything seems lost and gone.

During the flooding of Chennai, there were a lot of people who helped others not for a selfie or for a photo op. It was simply a spontaneous gesture. In some cases, the help providers also were affected by the flood waters. I read about a young person who opened the doors of his home to unknown strangers in those times. It was heartening to see mosques welcoming people of all religious denominations to escape the grim situation caused by the flood. There is no way of ever knowing the names of the people who came up with this idea nor are they ever going to be the recipients of any awards !

In recent times, governments believing in all kinds of ideologies have been accused of resorting to populist policies in order to stay relevant in the minds of the voters. I don’t disagree with this view and at the same time I also appreciate some of the good that comes out of such schemes. On such scheme is the ‘Aahar’ launched by the Government of Odisha on April 1,2015. Under this scheme, the government started offering meals at some selected urban centres at only Rs.5. The meal consists of rice and ‘dalma’( made up of dal-lentils and vegetables)

Critics questioned the ‘real’ intentions of the ruling regime. They argue that such a scheme would only make the poor people of the state more lazy and unwilling to do any work much as in the same way that the ‘one-rupee-a-kilogram’ rice is alleged to be. In other words, these cheap goods have the effect of reducing the desire or the willingness of the people to work. I firmly believe that there are some genuinely needy people of the society who have benefitted from such schemes. The politicians are not always known for their vision which is clouded by short-term electoral gains, but even then such schemes are laudable.

The Government of Delhi is known for staying in the headlines. Not a day passes by without any allegation of a conspiracy hatched by the Union Government to defame and destroy the Government headed by Arvind Kejriwal ! Some of the charges and counter-charges appear very silly. But then the Aam Aadmi Party cannot be accused of lacking seriousness when it comes to certain issues. I am coming to the (in)famous ‘Odd and Even’ policy where on a trial basis the citizens of Delhi are supposed the reduce the usage of their four wheelers in order to improve the air quality.

The jury is still out about the outcome of the much discussed policy that in the first place not an original idea, having been introduced in countries like China. But what Kejriwal and company should be commended for is the vision to look for a genuine solution to a very serious problem. This policy is certainly not a pro-poor populist idea that would fetch votes in the next election.
But one has to give credit where it is due. The idea has been introduced on the first day of 2016 but the foundations-theoretical or otherwise were laid out in 2015.

The Ministry of Railways managed to get into some serious media space not because of accidents but because of certain good deeds, coming from the top. Simple tweets ensured that people got what they deserved and certain ones were taken to task for their misdemeanours.

We are living in a country where the victims of accidents on the road are not helped by fellow road users for the fear of being harassed. The politicians are thinking about a law to help the ‘Good Samaritans’. Certainly, in that kind of a world where helping others where no self interest is involved is something of a rarity and one that is nothing short of a miracle.

It is said that bad news travels fast much as in the same way that bad money puts good money out of circulation. But in the end, it is the good and the positives that stay in our minds creating a hope for the future.

I am thankful to indiblogger.in and Youth Ki Awaaz who have provided me with the opportunity to speak of some good deeds.Of course, I am motivated by the rewards on offer.

Everyone at least needs to #SpreadTheVibe


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I have tasted Dalma. Courtesy one of my friends from Odisha. It’s heavenly food to have.

You have enlisted not just one bu many good deeds undertaken by individuals, organisation and governments. I appreciate your taking a positive outlook disregarding the political view while evaluating these.


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