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Ollywood is the name given to the film industry of Odisha inspired by Hollywood.In recent times, the Odisha film industry is going through tough times, with many films and their stars being financed by the promoters of ‘chit funds’. As if that were not enough, now there are serious and serial allegations of ‘sexual harassment’ and ‘casting couch’ levelled against many bigwigs.

It is a matter of prestige and honour for any film or any personality of the film industry from anywhere in the world to associated with the six letter word ‘OSCARS’. Every year, in the month of January to be exact, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) in the United States awards the OSCARS  to recognise excellence in cinematic achievements. The correct name of the awards is Academy Awards.

Few Indians have had the honour of being honoured by the Academy. What does then the Academy Awards have to do with the Odia film industry ? There are really some talented filmmakers from Odisha who surely can give any filmmaker a serious challenge.But that is not what I am interested in.

I am more interested in looking at the connection between OSCAR and the Odia film industry. As far as the Odia film industry is concerned, OSCAR is an (in)famous chit fund company whose promoter also happened to produce and finance certain films. The actors went all over the town to promote the films and the promoter of  the said company took this association to collect crores from the public. It took a while for the public to realise the folly of investing in a Ponzi scheme. Of course, it  took a long while for the law enforcement agencies of the state to catch the promoter.

Even as the work of the actors and the directors of the movies financed by OSCAR is no where near the Academy quality, there are no Awards, but OSCAR rewards! Who cares for a small statuette when there are a lot bigger and valuable worldly possessions like apartments and four wheelers ?

So if the near future there is call from the Academy to a film personality from Odisha about the OSCAR, the phone is bound to be switched off ! If only the chit fund company had a different name!

Mr. Shakespeare, there is a lot in a name.

For more about Ponzi schemes and how they are work, I have come across the following links

  1. http://money.howstuffworks.com/ponzi-scheme.htm

     2.  http://www.investopedia.com/video/play/what-is-a-ponzi-scheme/


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