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When I was in school,me and my friends received postcards that were feared.In most instances, we didn’t even bother to read the contents.The cards were torn and thrown away.We were discouraged from reading the cards.

Now what was in those cards that sent the proverbial chills down our spines?

The cards didn’t have any sender details.The recipient of the card was in the name of some god was asked to write the same message and forward it to 100 people.In case the recipient followed the instructions, there would be a reward in the form of blessings from the almighty.This is not the end of the story.Anyone who read the message and did not follow the instructions was threatened with divine retribution.So it was better not to read.

Now in the age of the internet and the social networks,things have changed but not the attitudes.I have come across such messages in my Facebook timeline. The message is tagged and shared and the tagged person is required to do the same for the fear of attracting divine wrath ! 

Such messages contain images of gods,goddesees and also godmen- even those with dubious reputations.

A couple of days ago a former colleague of mine put a photo of his better half where he professed his undying love for her.There is nothing amusing but for the fact that are a happy couple staying together.A better alternative would have been for him to say those words directly to the missus instead of broadcasting it on the internet.

Times have changed but it is the same story- people are always ready to make themselves fools.


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