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The morning started with the news that CBI was conducting raids on the house of M K Stalin. The timing of the raid raised eyebrows with the DMK pulling out of the UPA over the issue of human rights violations by the government of Sri Lanka. The BJP caoutioned anyone from withdrawing support to the UPA.It looked as if the SP and the BSP were uniteed in bailing out the UPA only for the fear of being hounded by the CBI.

Then came the startling news with most of the top leadership of the UPA expressing unhappiness and disapproval over the timimg and the manner of the raids.The Finance Minister P Chidambaram was the fi4rst off the blocks while not to be left behind tyhe Prime Minister Manmohan SIngh too joined the bandwagon.Even Mayawati too expressed unhappiness over the raids.The Union Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde who presides over the CBI was silent, though.The Union government even went to extent of distancing itself from the actions of the premier investgating agency of the country blaming the raids on the local sleuths of CBI based in Chennai. With the CBI earning the wrath of the high and the mighty, the chances of the presnt boss of the agency being offered a plum job post his retirement, simply vanished.

In a bizzare way, the CBI gained an sutonomous status with the power to take on the high and the mighty even when not given the go ahead by the political masters! In one instance, the demand of the civil society or the mango men of this country was met and how.

But as the day rolled on, news trickled that the raids were called off midway and fingers were pointed at the Union government. The whole autonomy thing went up more quickly than the famous disappearing acts of Houdini. The BJP went into the familiar accusation of the government interfering in the working of the CBI.

Finally, in the evening, the CBI clarified that it was an investigation based on a complaint received by the DRI-another investgating arm of the government about a vehicle-Hummer in the house of M K Stalin.There was no such vehicle ever found in the premises and the raid was called off.

The boss of the CBI can breathe a sigh of relief but some scapegoats have to be found and taught a lesson so that the high and the mighty of the land should remain above the law of the land.

Congratulations to the CBi for completing level zero!

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It is really a sign of the times that a Government instead of doing what it is supposed to do goes after the introduction of a ‘decent’ dress code for bargirls in the state of Karnataka.The ruling party-the BJP in this case does not want to put any restriction on the people who like to take alcohol but wants them and the bargirls to stay within the Laxmanrekha.

This is where I believe that the Indian state is a soft state.The state is in the habit of going after things that do not deserve the precious time and the taxpayers’ money.For a full read go to

Once the dress code is in place, the government of Karnataka may come up with another novel idea to preserve the sanctity of the bars and pubs in the state.Will that result in the bar girls being asked to wear chastity belts while serving drinks to the customers?

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