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Recently, a couple of MLAs belonging to the ruling party-BJD in Odisha were found shouting slogans when the National Anthem was playing inside the Assembly. There is television footage that identifies clearly the offenders.
Initially, the spokespersons of the BJD denied any such incident. Later, it was argued that the members were so hurt over the ‘apathetic’ attitude of the Centre, that they got carried away and did the unthinkable and the illegal.
Of course, one of the most vociferous of the offenders, sought an apology. Now comes the question, for what offence? Is it enough to absolve him of the offence? Seeking apology for an offence not committed ? We are truly in the world of Kafka !
Many times in the past, celebrities have been booked under appropriate sections of the law for dishonouring the National Flag and the National Anthem. Ordinary people have been trashed in the movie theatres for not standing up when the National Anthem was played. Even Sourav Ganguly made it into the news for having the tricolour Green colour up on his batting helmet, many years ago.
So there is no law to punish the law breaking law makers.
This is how India can become a banana republic.

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Holi was one of those days which meant a lot when I was young. It was really difficult to wait for a year to take part in the festival of colours. There were other festive occasions but Holi was the best. On Diwali the celebrations were and are restricted to the confines of the home but Holi was something to be enjoyed outside on the roads in the company of friends. That was the greatest thing about Holi. It was also made special since according to the Hindu calendar, my youngest brother was born the day before Holi, Dolo purnima.

My parents took the responsibility in deciding about the kind of colours that me and my siblings could get access to. We were forbidden from using or rather throwing balloons filled with coloured water on buildings as well as on other revellers. But there was no restriction on the variety of items-sweet and savouries that could be consumed at home. Some were bought and my mother had her specials to mark the occasion.

For a while, I was given the responsibility of captaining the team that included my two younger brothers on the day of Holi. A large group of friends would almost cover the entire town on foot at a time when the town was very small and a lot more friendly. It was past the afternoon that we would return home feeling the after effects of the walking, the hot sun and the hunger. But we had to wait till mother would apply oil-mostly coconut oil to remove the colours before giving us the bath. The wait for lunch was excruciating to say the least and it was difficult to consume the food with sleep affecting our reflexes.

There was the sight of a group of elders of the town moving around the town with coloured powder and sweets accompanied by traditional music. The group was led by a gentleman who was the chairperson of the municipality many times. The sight of pot bellies swaying to the music was a sight to behold.

Once me and my brothers got more friends, we went separate ways in celebrating Holi. There were certain people who did not play fair. My younger brother was on the way back alone and a bully smeared his face with black paint. My brother came running to the home and mother took over with her cleaning methods to remove the paint. My brother was warned not to go out for the day. But within a few minutes after the cleaning he went out and his face was painted black once again by the same person. Meanwhile, I returned home and my parents let loose their verbals volleys on me for being irresponsible. I found my brother sitting with a glum face with the black paint on his face. My youngest brother and sister were trying to console him. Upon enquiry, I discovered that mother was angry for my brother crossed the Lakshman rekha. To this day, we all have a hearty chuckle recounting this and many other episodes related to Holi. Sadly, there were no cameras or smartphones to capture selfies and photos in those days.

Holi was truly an occasion where we could celebrate without any care in the world and being young with no responsibility and chips on shoulders, it was one that has given memories for a lifetime. Of course, with age and the changed priorities of the society, Holi has become less colourful and less enjoyable. The passing away of my youngest brother has had its effect on the celebration of Holi.

But then in the recent years, my five year old son who pushes Dennis the Menace into a distant second place, Holi has become enjoyable once again although I dearly miss the past and the company of friends and siblings who made Holi special. No display technology can really supplant the colourful memories of Holi.

“I’m pledging to #KhulKeKheloHoli this year by sharing my Holi memories at BlogAdda in association with Parachute Advansed.”

The video offers a small insight into the joy that comes with Holi.No

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It is a while I gave something of note to my wife as a gift to mark an occasion or just to make her see things differently ( that is another way of saying make her agree on something). I want to gift her a smartphone that combines many devices into one small and handy package. With my four year old son who often pushes Dennis the Menace into a distant second place thanks to his affection for all of my gadgets ranging from the smartphone to the laptop, I have to get a replacement for the tablet that used to provide the social fix to his mother. The LGNexus 5X seems to be ideal gift but the only constraint is the price that is beyond my budget priorities right now in the festive season.The thought of getting the device free and give it as a gift to my wife has given me the motivation to drop my hat in the ring.

My wife is not happy with my camera skills and she doesn’t want to carry cameras with her. She is trigger happy to say the least and the Nexus 5X with the superb opticals in the rear and the front should do the trick. The optics have been bumped to even take great photographs under low light conditions. There is also the ability to shoot videos in 4K resolution. Add to the hardware, the camera software has been bumped up to give better pictures.

My wife is extremely afraid of things like the chargers. She is always fearful of causing damage to the devices while charging and the reversible USB Type-C charger  with the Nexus 5X can make her more confident. Now she need not worry and also can have her that is the mobile charged up and ready ! The new Type-C USB pin also facilitates fast/rapid charging that can provide enough juice to the battery while she decides on the things to wear and apply while going out.

My wife, has of the late has been spending more time with her siblings and friends on the social networks. She likes to listen to music on the background.The 2GB of RAM coupled with the hexacore Snapdragon 64 bit processor has enough muscle to multitask smoothly. The Adreno GPU can also make watching videos a fun on the display that has a great resolution of 424 PPI.

The Nexus 5X is more than just a phone, it is something that can occupy my wife and keep her mind away from mundane and trivial things like me, at least for a while.

If only wishes were horses.

I am participating in the #ChampIsBack activity at BlogAdda

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I have a confession to make. I don’t like to shave on a regular basis. I consider shaving a tedious exercise and not something that can be enjoyed. This attitude towards shaving is a result of the days that I spent in the university during my post graduation. I regarded the beard as a manifestation of manliness.

In the initial period of job I shaved at least once every three days. Then as old habits die hard, I returned to the good old days where shaving was no longer important. My parents, my colleagues and some friends wanted to know the reason for the unkempt look. Some senior colleague went around the town with the rumor that a breakup in love matter was the real reason for the unshaven face. My father was extremely upset since he does not even sport a moustache and shaves almost everyday. Nothing could change my habit though. I found support from an unexpected quarter- my younger brother who fully supported my views on shaving. This gave me the encouragement to continue the bearded run.

The beard resulted in certain things. Students always kept a distance for they feared my looks.A few students not knowing my name knew me by my beard ! Some colleagues did express their contempt for the so-called unclean look. Whenever I removed my beard, there were looks. But I simply did not give a damn.

However, marriage brought a complete change in my shaving routine. My mother briefed my wife on my irregular shaving habits and all hell broke loose. My wife is extremely upset if I don’t have a shave. There are occasions when I like to offer an excuse for not shaving. But she wouldn’t budge even a centimeter and I have no other alternative but to pick up the razor and remove the beloved beard.

When it is time for some social engagement, I have to shave and the order from the high command is simply non-negotiable. My wife insists that a well-trimmed moustache and a proper shave are a must for my profession. I short, I have to look presentable so that I might miss on some opportunity.

In the course of my shaving experience so far, I have tried different types of blades and razors. I started with twin blade razor and now it is a four blade one . I will definitely give a try the five bladed wonder from Gillette.Each promises to remove more of the stubborn stubble out from the skin, thereby promising a much cleaner look and with a greater degree of comfort.Blogadda and Gillette have this opportunity to cash in on my shaving stories.

I have really started to shave even if it is not something I love.

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

There are great rewards on offer for the effort and details are at

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It is almost a daily occurrence of some member of the female population of this country falling victim to one of the most gruesome crimes committed by man. There is no need to know the names of the victims-she can be called by an name-be it Nirbhaya for one. There is no need to know about the  location or the age of the victim. Things have gone to such a pass that we have somehow have become accustomed to news reports involving crime against females. This is something of a dastardly contradiction where many in the country worship devoutly many goddesses who are regarded as both powerful and at the same time, loving, caring and affectionate. Many of the perpetrators of the crimes also, I believe would have gone to some temple housing a goddess.


The law makers and the law enforcers seem to be clueless with many otherwise sane minds offering   terrible reasons for the crimes. In many cases, the victims are portrayed as the evil!.


It is time that women take all the precautions to ward off the designs of those who want to commit the heinous act. It  appears that technology-mobile technology has some solution in this regard. Gone are the days of the pepper sprays.It is now the turn of the mobile application or app in short called ‘Smart Suraksha‘. This Android device compatible app notifies certain pre-defined phone numbers of the location of the woman/girl in the event of any trouble so that help can be provided and the crime can be prevented.


So far so good but the question is how many have phones compatible with this app. Think of those who are illiterate, poor and live in the rural areas. It is time for political parties to distribute suitable handsets in the name of empowering or protecting the women of this country. In a poll year, this idea might not be far fetched after all.


But a start is required.


I wish she(they) had Smart Suraksha with them at the time…..


I am participating in the Seeking Smart Suraksha contest at in association with Smart Suraksha App.


This is my post for the contest organised by the folks at





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The computer and the internet changed the way I communicated with my siblings,my friends and the whole world. I felt delighted at the thought of moving around the world by just making few clicks.

The computer also stored lots of music, photos and videos.I could play them and entertain myself and anyone who was interested.

I could prepare a lot of documents which earlier required hours and hours of painstaking work easily.

But then came my new mobile phone the Nokia XpressMusic 5800 changed everything for the better.

This phone is 3G capable meaning I can connect myself to the internet without being tied to the chair placed in front of my computer. I can tweet and facebook and also blog using the phone.

The 5800 comes with a good camera and whenever the mood gets me, I can take pictures and also share them with others.

I do not have money to buy a dedicated PMP-personal media player and honestly, I cannot see myself carrying multiple devices in my pockets.In that respect also the 5800 has helped me carry my music with me.

So for me, the 5800 has been one gadget that has changed my life.


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