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Recently, a couple of MLAs belonging to the ruling party-BJD in Odisha were found shouting slogans when the National Anthem was playing inside the Assembly. There is television footage that identifies clearly the offenders.
Initially, the spokespersons of the BJD denied any such incident. Later, it was argued that the members were so hurt over the ‘apathetic’ attitude of the Centre, that they got carried away and did the unthinkable and the illegal.
Of course, one of the most vociferous of the offenders, sought an apology. Now comes the question, for what offence? Is it enough to absolve him of the offence? Seeking apology for an offence not committed ? We are truly in the world of Kafka !
Many times in the past, celebrities have been booked under appropriate sections of the law for dishonouring the National Flag and the National Anthem. Ordinary people have been trashed in the movie theatres for not standing up when the National Anthem was played. Even Sourav Ganguly made it into the news for having the tricolour Green colour up on his batting helmet, many years ago.
So there is no law to punish the law breaking law makers.
This is how India can become a banana republic.

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The relationship between #MUSIC and films in India is something of a symbiosis. They are complementary and either on its own can carry the other to a long distance as far as the memories of the connoisseurs are concerned.It is only in the recent decade that good music is also created outside of the realm of the movies.

There have been films which have remained in our memories not so much for the acting or the storyline but more so because of the #PEPPY music. Good music has the power of #NAVIGATION that makes the stay at the theatre a pleasant experience. The #IMPACT of good music is felt when we listen to the music even after the curtain falls at the theatre. This leads to results in the word #FANTASTICO coming out of the mouth.

My father listens to a lot of music and songs from movies form an integral part of his collection. He regales with stories and legends behind the music and its makers. There is nothing short of bliss when he listens to his favourite song.                    

In recent times the lyrics and the music accompanying it are largely disconnected from the storyline of the movie. The music in such cases largely plays the part of the useless fifth wheel.The pleasure of watching the movie gets lost.

My younger brother talked a lot about the music given by Amit Trivedi for the film DevD directed by Anurag Kashyap. The music was fresh and it still sounds good. The music featured many genres. It was after a number of hours of listening to the music that I felt the urge to watch the movie and I was not at all disappointed. At no place did the songs felt out of place or out of context. The songs in a way helped in the flow of the movie.Both the versions of the song ‘Emotional Atyachar’ sound delightful.

Speaking of Amit Trivedi, there are a couple of other movies that are worth mentioning. One is ‘Udaan’ and the other is ‘Kai Poche’. The songs were extremely important in the narrative behind the movies. In Udaan, the songs helped the movie become a success. In times of today when one has to be very careful about writing or saying something, the words of the song ‘Azaadiyan’ are extremely motivating, to say the least. Kai Poche has few songs, but thoroughly enjoyable.

The title song from the movie ’Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’-both versions sound like anthems, thanks to the lyrics, singer and the music.The talent  of A R Rahman has contributed tremendously to the box office success of many movies. The music from the movies like ‘Roja’ and ‘Bombay’ still hold a place of importance as far as the very large catalogue of Rahman.

There have been many films whose music is not remembered once the public steps out of the theatre. In some cases, things become so bad that people go for a break while some song is being played out !

I have never driven a car but hope to drive one someday. Zica from the house of TataMotors is one car that has received positive reviews right from the day it was launched. Zica has a good engine to make driving fun and #PEPPY. The infotainment system from  Harman can make the ride enjoyable by making #MUSIC sound as it is meant to be  The smartphone enabled Turn-by-Turn #NAVIGATION app makes driving easy. With many features Zica has the potential to make a great #IMPACT on the Indian roads.

It would be #FANTASTICO to get the Zica in my frontyard.

This post is my entry into the blogging contest  #TataZicaMarathon                                    organised by indiblogger and TATA ZICA.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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What is music?

#Music is at times described as ‘an agreeable sound’ and that is what makes things difficult as there is no sound, other than that associated with the currency notes and coins that is to the liking of everyone.

Just as one man’s honey is poison for someone, sound becomes music for me and it becomes a noise for others.

Music has been an integral part of all cultures and traditions since ancient times and it is something that is akin to language as a tool of expression. Each occasion has some specific song or a musical instrument that is considered traditional and necessary.

The march of technology in the form of affordable smartphones, memory cards and MP3 has created a level playing field as far as music listening is concerned. Gone are the days when only the fortunate(read rich) did have to access to music in the form of Vinyl records, record players, sound systems and the like.Now, everyone is busy doing something with ears filled with some headphones or earphones. It is not the type of music or the quality of the music that matters; it is the act of listening to music.

Those who have access to the internet over the smartphone can listen to music provided by streaming services, most of the time at no cost. Listening to the FM Radio on the phone has become outdated. Thousands of songs can be stored on small memory cards.

The proliferation of music and devices like the smartphones have also led to certain unwelcome situations. There have been many times when I was unable to respond to my wife even when she shouted at full volume, thanks to the headphones that covered my ears. In the early months of our marriage she felt that the headphones and the music were only an excuse to ignore her ! After all these years, she understands, but I have become more circumspect.

In the college there are students who do not go to the classes but only listen to music using their phones. The free wi-fi has only added to the problem. Of course, with the music on the minds, the students have less time for mischief. That is certainly music to the ears of the teachers, including yours truly.

One incident has made me and many of my colleagues look foolish. I found one student having earphones plugged into his ears in the examination hall. When I went to the student, I was sorry for the student was using the hearing aid. A similar experience was shared by other colleagues.

I make it a point to have music in my ears when going out for a walk or going out for a ride on the cycle. The music keeps me going in the quest to achieve physical fitness.

Indiblogger had teamed up with TATA Motors to provide a great platform to win some fantastic prizes, including the ZICA. This should sound musical to any blogger.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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(I submitted a post with the same title and accidentally or rather in a careless act, the post got deleted. I am posting it once again.)

When I watched the Star Wars many years ago, it was like being transported into a magical and occasionally a frightening world, different from the world I live in. The start and the ending of the movie and the display of the credits etc. is still fresh in my memory. Of course, the gadgets and the gizmos had a deep impact and as some of the characters. Star Wars were the movies that my parents allowed me and my siblings to watch in a theatre near my home since those were deemed safe! That bering back memories when the world was very innocent and people (me,including were more human!)  George Lucas, still for me is the man who has the power to create magic on the screen even after all these years since the launch of the first Star Wars movie.

HP or Hewlett-Packard is one brand that I am very closely attached to. The first CD writer at home came from HP and so is the laptop that my 70 year old mother uses today. Of course, at the place of work, there are many printers that proudly display the HP logo. To mark the release of the latest offering from Lucas as part of the Star Wars saga titled-The Force Awakens, HP is offering Star Wars branded laptops which not only look good from the outside but also have the innards to justify the co-branding. Indiblogger has offered a chance to win a great laptop from the HP-Star Wars lineup.

I have always wanted to have a laptop that would not only be portable but also be powerful enough to truly replace the desktop. The Sixth Generation Core i5 processor and the 8GB RAM offer the muscle to tear through any task. The brains provided by the latest iteration from Microsoft in the form of Windows 10 is a perfect combination. All this in a package that carries the rich legacy of HP is something that surely would guarantee the attention of others, sometimes rather enviously.

The large hard disc drive can store all my documents, music, videos and photos. The 2GB Graphics Memory courtesy NVIDIA along with the HDMI out can take care of all my presentation chores. I have over the years accumulated a large number of DVDs that can be played using the built-in DVD writer. I intend to get DVDs of all the Star Wars movies and show them to my son who can be truly be fascinated. I also can recollect the great time I had in the company of my siblings.   I can also make DVDs in a jiffy thanks to the 8X Super Multi DVD writer.

The Graphic card coupled with the B & O Audio technology and the true full HD display can make watch videos-online and offline a fun. I can occasionally play a racing game even as my wife starts to lament about my neglect of her and the home ! I can of course, make amends my making her connect with her friends and siblings using the likes of Skype.

The sound schemes for notifications can make the owner of the laptop truly different from others. I can use the  pre-loaded Aurebesh fonts to great effect while making notes and presentations that can make serious stuff become fun. I am also trying to find ways of using the images from Star Wars to make my students and son learn.

As far as the Pavilion X2 is concerned, the 10.1 inch touchscreen  can be separated from the keyboard and as a result a full fledged tablet and a laptop are combined into one great machine. My son recently shattered the display of my tablet and only a couple of days ago, I ordered a new tablet for my wife. The X2 can be my digital assistant . I can have class notes in the machine and that can reduce the use of papers. The machine can also help me get my daily fix from digital magazines.

The Pavilion X360, as the name suggests is a great machine that has a great display which can be rotated the full circle to suit my requirement. I can put a good movie on the 360 to soothe the hurt feelings of my wife and not worry about the viewing angles and she can rotate the screen instead of twisting her body doing some yoga move.

I have got my bases covered for all the great machines that HP has to offer to mark the release of the latest movie. HP has done it right to #AwakenYourForce. However, instead of my DarkSide, my fun side would awake !

Take a look at the great machines.

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Raising a child is a monumental task and it is no surprise that I and my wife have decided not to give any sibling to our son. It is really something that is beyond my comprehension when I think about my mother who had to grapple with four children in addition to her role as a teacher in a high school. My wife wonders when she talks about my mother-in-law who had to raise six girls, including my wife.

When my son was very young-months old, my wife had very little rest. The constant feeding and the demands disturbed her sleep pattern and mine too. The diapers helped not only my son to have a good sleep but also gave my wife to do other household chores.Of course, the burden on my purse was telling.There was also the problem of my son having rashes from the use of certain brands of diapers further adding to the parenting woes.

Since the doctor advised against the use of the airconditioner, putting my son to sleep in the summer months was really difficult. In the night, my wife would walk the entire length of the house with the baby in her arms and as the mercury soared, I had to bear the brunt.

As my son started to crawl and then walk, things became even more difficult when it came to bedtime. He simply would not want to sleep and this continued for months together. After this experience, me and my wife decided to switch off the lights and close the doors and my son could be put to sleep. My wife, a trained classical singer put her talents and voice to good use in singing lullabies.The use of the diapers continued further denting my cash balances. As my son started to grow, finding the right diaper in the market also became difficult in the small town of mine. Of course, I had to take recourse to the online shopping sites. I became the envy of my colleagues whenever the courier delivered large packets containing diapers.

Now with my son now of four years, the diaper is mostly not in use, except during travels and social gatherings. He no longer requires the diaper during the night, waking up his mother to take him to the toilet.

Now-a-days it takes a lot of effort at bedtime. My son switches on the nightlamp and he is also in-charge of the mosquito liquidator. As soon as I turn off the light, my son wants to go to the toilet. His mother does the needful.

The actual story starts now with my wife singing lullabies and nursery rhymes. She even teaches alphabets and numbers and the whole exercise continues for nearly an hour and then my son sleeps.In between, he asks for water and even wants to go to the toilet. He doesn’t want me or his mother to sleep. Recently, there is a change. My son wants me to make a promise that I need to keep when he wakes up the next morning. The demands can range from a chocolate to the tablet or the phone or the laptop or a ride on the motorcycle.

Indiblogger and pampers-the name synonymous with great quality diapers for infants have given me this opportunity to blog and earn as part of the HAPPYHOURS initiative.More information about the same can be had from

The official page of pampers has on offer the different varities of diapers alongwith user reviews and comments. This is something of great value to new parents requiring advice.

There is a great video brought by pampers highlighting the quality of sleep resulting from the use of pampers diapers.

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It was during the weeks leading upto my HSC (10th class )examination in 1985 that India won the World Championship of Cricket at one of the most iconic places where cricket is played -the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Even as there was no television at that time in my part of the world, Melbourne had become on of the go-to-places for me. The pictures of the ground and the players in coloured clothing playing with a white ball under lights only added to the charm. Of course, in 1981 India beat the host country in a test match on the same ground whilst defending a small total. The finals of the 1992 World Cup featuring England and Pakistan was brought to my home live. So for me the must visit to place in Melbourne is the MCG-the stomping ground for some of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen.

Speaking about cricket, I would love to take a look at the birthplace of one of the greatest players of the modern era-Shane Warne.

As a follower of tennis, I would love to go to the site of the Australian Open which is not very far from the MCG. The Rod Laver Arena would make a thrilling experience where the courts have a lot of stories to tell including the tears of Pete Samparas, the dives of Boris Becker and the smooth shotmaking of Roger Federer. I would love to pay a visit to the river Yarra into which Jim Courier dived after winning the first tennis major of the season.

In 2015, the Formula 1 returns to Melbourne to signal the start of the new season and the race track would be a perfect outing even when the cars are not there.

Besides the cricket, tennis and the F1, there is a personal reason to visit Melbourne, My younger brother spent nearly five years in that great city and even after five years, he still has great stories to tell about the food, the city and most importantly the people. He waxes eloquent about the Italian food, the Greek food, the Japanese sushi and the fine experience of dining at a Malay restaurant. I would also love to pay a visit to the nearby vineyards, even as I am not a fan of wines. It would make for a great experience to meet a few of his friends. Being a diabetic, I may not be in a position to savour the gastronomic delights Melbourne has to offer.

I would definitely take my wife and young son to see the Penguins at the Philip Island Nature Parks. Of course, my son will want to bring home a penguin!

My brother brought home a lot of souveniers from the F1 race and the Australian open. Those are one of my post prized possessions.

There is an interesting video on where George Calombaris of Masterchef Australia fame is eating and enjoying pani puris.

For more information, one can always go to the official tourism website of Melbourne, created especially for Indians.

Indiblogger has a fine blogging contest with great prizes on offer including a trip to Melbourne.

There also a great prize-a shopping voucher of Rs.500 for one reader of this post who gives the best answer to the following question:
“Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?”.

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For someone who has no experience in having sex before marriage, this post is a difficult ask indeed. The only motivation here is the great prizes on offer from including an autographed copy of ‘A Passionaate Gospel of True Love: A Mystical True Love Story’ by Poonaam Uppal for the trouble of tapping a few lines.

In most of the religions, pre-marital sex is a strict no-no and it is a taboo. Even today, it is not something that is considered to be a topic for discussion out in the public domain.

There is always the fear of unwanted pregnancies and in countries where abortion is illegal, things are always going to be difficult for the mother and her family, especially when there is no marriage. In the absence of a proper social security system, the burden of raising the child born outside of marriage is very high.

Pre-marital sex involving youngsters also has the risk of leading towards diseases including the deadly AIDS as knowledge of safe sex is very sparse particularly in many African and Asian countries. The spread of AIDS in Africa is largely the result of pre-marital sex.

In India where there are strong social restrictions on pre-marital sex and also on sex outside marriage, the issue of pre-marital sex has become important in recent times. The unwanted pregnancies and the resulting social stigma has driven many young girls and sometimes even their parents to the path of suicide. There is also the question of ‘honour killing’ in some cases.

In countries like India, pre-marital sex and the consequent social troubles has often led to the fresh supply of girls from the poorer sections into the route of commercial sex workers.

There is now the twist in the tale.

Despite all the demerits, I am in favour of pre-marital sex. Why? There are solid reasons behind my stand. When young we were told not to smoke or drink alcohol. But while growing up, there were a lot of things that we experimented with and I have very few regrets about such incidents. Of course, there are always some of us, who got carried away by the experiments to the point of no return. There is always a rider associated with such experiments, including pre-marital sex.

However, I must confess to one hypocrisy. I am for pre-marital sex so long as it does not involve some one from my family!

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The mobile phones have become smarter with many features that were not even thinkable being offered now. The displays have become larger and brighter with some even offering resolutions of 2k. The cameras found in the mobile phones of today are no longer a gimmick but have to a large extent at least for the ordinary user have succeeded in making the point and shoot cameras redundant.

With 3G offered by most operators, it is just a matter of few clicks or swipes or touches to access the internet and the many offerings it has to offer.

Publications in the form of e-books have made reading on the go a new experience.The printed material has given way to bytes and e-readers.

Same is the case with audio and video files. Personal media players have been stowed away into some corner of the house with the newer phones possessing the best hardware and software to play audio and video files. No longer is it necessary to carry a bag load of different gadgets and their chargers and cables. One device-the ubiquitous smartphone does it all in a small form factor fitting every pocket.

Shopping on the mobile phones is also possible with only the purse allowing the payment.
The many apps have made it possible not only to view and edit documents but also to create them and in this process one is no longer tied to the laptop or the desktop.

Battery technology is something that needs to improve in order to keep up with the displays and the multitasking the phones of today being capable of.

For me or more specifically, I need a mobile phone that is capable of showing my location to my wife. There have been times when I need to stay at my work place beyond the regular hours and true to her wont, my wife is not in the habit of believing it. She terms me a liar and I am not happy with the ever growing size of this tag.

There is another feature that I want in my incredible phone-the ability to decipher the emotions of the caller. I can be in a position to know the emotion of the caller so that necessary arrangements can be made at my end to avoid any unpleasantness. Be it my boss or my wife or my seniors, this feature would truly make my life less cumbersome with no one forced to provide any false excuses.

This post is my shot at the fabulous Zenphone offered by ASUS and

More details of the Zenphone are available at

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I come from a small town where fashion trends often reached late back in the day when there was no internet and cable/satellite television. This extended even to the hairstyle for movies were a strict no-no for me and my siblings. Me and my siblings were taken to a salon where my father gave instructions on the style of the haircut. Not to be outdone, my mother armed with some traditional substances gave the wash to hair every Sunday.

In high school, I came across some fellow pupils who had a different hairstyle that was frowned upon by my father. He called it the ‘hippy’ style. To make matters worse, the teachers also showed a distinct dislike for those who sported hair in that style.  Things continued the same even when I went to college where my father was a member of the faculty. I was asked to apply the customary hair oil every morning.

However, when I went out of the town for post graduation, the chimes of freedom were heard in full blast and decisions were taken promptly about the hairstyle. The first thing I did as a matter of rebellion was to shun the hair oil. With no mother nearby, different brands of shampoos were entertained. By that time, having long hair was not in fashion even though I started a liking for the kind of music that is called Classic Rock.  

I sported a haircut that is the practice with the members of the armed forces. The hair always appears unkempt all the time with most people not taking me seriously. Once I became a teacher in the college, it was time to grow hair a little longer.  That style continues to this day.

My younger brother has curly hair and so does my wife. I do not want curls nor is there a need for long hair. All I want is a hairstyle that is presentable and which suits my profession. I do not want to use styling gels nor I want to try out some new hair care products but I want to recharge my hair. I am at times embarrassed with the look of my hair and I feel bad to carry some comb in my pocket to take care of my hair. I am a teacher and I pride on bringing some sense to unruly students but I cannot say the same about my hair.

This is my post for the fabulous contest brought by in collaboraton with sunsilk-known for some popular shampoos. For more information on the great line-up of products from sunsilk this is the link





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 Having a true friend who can be relied upon in times of need is not always the case and I am lucky to have one such person who is more than a friend.

There have been a number of occasions when our supposed adventures have ended up more as misadventures but then after a while we two have given ourselves enough memories to laugh about and even someday recount them to our children. 

This is about one adventure that was undertaken some years ago. We enjoy each other’s company and more so when holding glasses with some alcoholic beverage. But things are not always easy to have some drinks in this small town of ours. So on weekends we tried to plan to go away from the town, home and all the other restrictions to have some time just for us. 

An opportunity came our way in the form of Diwali-the festival of lights when my friend spares no expenses in making his children happy. We decided to take advantage of this festival and go to a nearby town across the state border to have some drinks. But one drink led to two and then we could not count anymore.In that state of intoxication, it was not possible to buy any firecrackers  or drive the bike.So we decided to take rest for a few hours and we woke up with our cellphones ringing incessantly with worried family members wanting to know our whereabouts.

By the time we woke up, it was dark and there was no question of buying the firecrackers. We made our way to our homes and there were a lot of questions that would even shame someone who prepares a questionnaire for a criminal investigation. When asked about the firecrackers, I told my wife that they were safe with my friend. He also told the same.

The next day we want to the local market and got the firecrackers for Diwali. On that day we promised that the local market was the best for getting firecrackers from in the future.

However, on the eve of every Diwali since then we remember this adventure and have a hearty laugh.

This is my post for a contest promoted by and Dove-the maker of some on the best products that my wife wants me to buy for her.For a more detailed information on the fabulous product range of Dove this is the link.

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