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There has been a lot of concern over the sufferings of Hindus living in Pakistan. Predictably, the media and the politicians contributed their mite to bring this subject to the notice of the government and the common man. The government had to step in and the Minister of External Affairs, S M Krishna, in his own inimitable style promised to do the needful.

The plight of the Tamils in Sri Lanka and the alleged crimes committed by the armed forces of that country during the conflict with the LTTE was another matter of great concern for the government of India. Things became so serious that India decided to vote against Sri Lanka in the United Nations.

Even as Indian leaders have shown great concern for the safety and security of people of Indian origin living abroad, the same cannot be said for the plight of the hindus who were driven out of Kashmir. Indian newspapers carried stories written by Western journalists about the ethnic cleansing that took place in far way Yugoslavia and also in some part of the African continent. The same media calls the riots in Gujarat post-Godhra a pogrom. But when it comes to the sad story of the Kashmiri Hindus, everyone is silent.

Why this callous indifference?

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In the first T20 match at Eden Park,the hosts New Zealand had an easy five wicket win over Pakistan.

Pakistan started well with Afridi hitting the ball well.But once the openers departed,the visitors floundered.Tom Southee took five wickets that included a hat-trick.The umpire gave Umar Akmal out in front when there was a big inside edge.

Ross Taylor who disappointed in India, took his team home.But it was Martin Guptill who shone for the home team in the batting department.

Looks like the familiar home conditions have brought the spark back into the Kiwis. Or is the victory due the appointment of John Wright as the Coach?

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Protected: WIN AT LAST

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It was the same old story, the same old failings and the same old result-a defeat after raising the expectations to very high levels, in fact, leaving some to dream about the glory days of long gone by decades.

The hockey team that suddenly became the focus for all the right reasons after the stunning victory over Pakistan, was stopped in its tracks by the team from down under.The stronger physique of the rival coupled with a stronger strategy was too hot to handle for team India.

This match between India and Australia grabbed the headlines in the manner that has been given to cricket matches between these two nations since 2001.This was a proud moment since hockey became as fashionable as cricket.Over the years, hockey matches between India and Australia were considered one-sided and there was very little hope for the fans.But now after the win over Pakistan, things appeared rosy, to say the least.

Team India could do no wrong in its match against Pakistan, while nothing seemed to go right in its encounter with Australia.Penalty corners, never a strong point with the Indians, proved to be very costly and decisive against Australia.Three penalty corners were squandered away and that made the difference to the final scoreline.

It is argued by some that the suspension of Shivendra for foulplay after the first match was the reason for the defeat to Australia.But the other members of team India could not raise their play seemingly exhausted after the effort against Pakistan.

The World Cup is not over by any means, but after this defeat, one is discouraged to look ahead to the rest of the matches.

It is either a case of a flash in the pan(the win over Pakistan) or just an aberration(the defeat to Australia).

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Waqar Younis has accepted the offer to coach the cricket team of Pakistan.It is learnt that Younis shall be with the team till the 2011 World Cup.There was speculation in the past about this but now Younis has himself confirmed the offer from the PCB and the subsequent acceptance.

There is nothing new in a former player becoming the coach but things are extremely complicated in Pakistan. Things between Younis and his bowling partner, Wasim Akram were less than cordial and this can divide the team into two groups, each owing allegiance to a great fast bowler.Add to this is the fact that former players like Javed Miandad and Sarfraz Nawaz are always happy to give their take on Pakistan cricket.

Waqar was a great bowler but this does not guarantee his success as a coach. It is not rare to find great players not having a good time as coaches. The players might not be as talented as the coach and the coach finds it difficult to make the players lift their game.Besides, Waqar does not have any coaching experience.

Even as the contract runs through the forthcoming World Cup, Pakistan can still spring surprises and have a new coach in place of Waqar

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Was it arrogance or plain foolishness on part of Afridi?

During the course of the fifth match of the one day series between Pakistan and Australia, Afridi was caught on camera having the ball in his mouth on more than one occasion. The fact that there were 27 cameras on the ground did not help Afridi.

After the match, Afridi who was standing in as captain in place of Mohammad Yousuf appeared unrepentant. He claimed that all teams were tampering with the ball and he only did that to help his team.

Within 24 hours, Afridi changed his version and now claims he was just ‘smelling’ the ball.Wonder what the Kookaburra ball is made up of that attracted Afridi! Was some pheromone the cause of all the trouble?

It is a really preposterous claim since Afridi had the ball in his mouth.

The followers of Pakistan cricket promptly came up with the allegation-unfounded that Indian players including the likes of Sachin had also tampered with the ball.

The cricketing world was busy with the antics of Afridi.Some mention was made of the ‘dirt in the pocket’ episode relating to former England captain Mike Atherton. Atherton, the self appointed critic of all things connected with Indian cricket, did not find anything illegal by applying dirt to the ball during the course of a test match.

It is time people like Afridi should be taken to task and an example needs to be set.

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The cat is out of the proverbial bag with the IPL supremo Lalit Modi saying in an interview to NDTV that there was a risk associated with Pakistan players. This comes as a surprise since Mr.Modi denied after the conclusion of the auction for the players that the BCCI had nothing to do with the decision of the team owners not to pick any of the 11 players from Pakistan who were available for purchase.

The full text of the interview is here:http://cricket.ndtv.com/storypage/ndtv/id/spoen20100126812/story20012010_185300.html

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