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It is almost a daily occurrence of some member of the female population of this country falling victim to one of the most gruesome crimes committed by man. There is no need to know the names of the victims-she can be called by an name-be it Nirbhaya for one. There is no need to know about the location or the age of the victim. Things have gone to such a pass that we have somehow have become accustomed to news reports involving crime against females. This is something of a dastardly contradiction where many in the country worship devoutly many goddesses who are regarded as both powerful and at the same time, loving, caring and affectionate. Many of the perpetrators of the crimes also, I believe would have gone to some temple housing a goddess.




The law makers and the law enforcers seem to be clueless with many otherwise sane minds offering terrible reasons for the crimes. In many cases, the victims are portrayed as the evil!.




It is time that women take all the precautions to ward off the designs of those who want to commit the heinous act. It appears that technology-mobile technology has some solution in this regard. Gone are the days of the pepper sprays.It is now the turn of the mobile application or app in short called ‘Smart Suraksha‘. This Android device compatible app notifies five(5) pre-defined phone numbers(contacts) as well as the  police about the location of the woman/girl in the event of any trouble so that help can be provided and the crime can be prevented.




So far so good but the question is how many have phones compatible with this app. Think of those who are illiterate, poor and live in the rural areas. It is time for political parties to distribute suitable handsets in the name of empowering or protecting the women of this country. In a poll year, this idea might not be far fetched after all.




But a start is required.




I wish she(they) had Smart Suraksha with them at the time…..




This is my post for the contest organised by the folks at


I am participating in the <a href="" title="Seekin Smart Suraksha App contest" target="_blank">Seeking Smart Suraksha contest</a> at <a href="" title="The Favorite community of Indian Bloggers" target="_blank"></a> in association with <a href="" title="Download Smart Suraksha App" target="_blank">Smart Suraksha App</a>.






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Techguru aka Techquark is giving away a fabulous Google Nexus 4 to one lucky person. All one has to do is to perform a few simple tasks through Rafflecopter to become eligible for the lucky draw. The Google Nexus 4 is a great device, more than a phone. Some even call it the best Android phone.


The giveaway is at


I have already entered and this small blogpost is also part of the tasks required to be in the running for the Nexus 4.


I am waiting with fingers crossed.


Go and throw your hat in the ring.


Best of luck.

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