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Techguru aka is hosting another giveaway and this time it is the turn of Nexus 5 to be on offer for one lucky person. All one has to do is perform few simple tasks to be in the reckoning for the device-arguably the best ‘Android’ powered phone right now.

The device is loaded with good hardware that is driven by the latest iteration of the Android software called KitKat. Since it is offered by Google, the user gets to enjoy the latest software updates over the air.

The link to the contest is

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I come from a small town where fashion trends often reached late back in the day when there was no internet and cable/satellite television. This extended even to the hairstyle for movies were a strict no-no for me and my siblings. Me and my siblings were taken to a salon where my father gave instructions on the style of the haircut. Not to be outdone, my mother armed with some traditional substances gave the wash to hair every Sunday.

In high school, I came across some fellow pupils who had a different hairstyle that was frowned upon by my father. He called it the ‘hippy’ style. To make matters worse, the teachers also showed a distinct dislike for those who sported hair in that style.  Things continued the same even when I went to college where my father was a member of the faculty. I was asked to apply the customary hair oil every morning.

However, when I went out of the town for post graduation, the chimes of freedom were heard in full blast and decisions were taken promptly about the hairstyle. The first thing I did as a matter of rebellion was to shun the hair oil. With no mother nearby, different brands of shampoos were entertained. By that time, having long hair was not in fashion even though I started a liking for the kind of music that is called Classic Rock.  

I sported a haircut that is the practice with the members of the armed forces. The hair always appears unkempt all the time with most people not taking me seriously. Once I became a teacher in the college, it was time to grow hair a little longer.  That style continues to this day.

My younger brother has curly hair and so does my wife. I do not want curls nor is there a need for long hair. All I want is a hairstyle that is presentable and which suits my profession. I do not want to use styling gels nor I want to try out some new hair care products but I want to recharge my hair. I am at times embarrassed with the look of my hair and I feel bad to carry some comb in my pocket to take care of my hair. I am a teacher and I pride on bringing some sense to unruly students but I cannot say the same about my hair.

This is my post for the fabulous contest brought by in collaboraton with sunsilk-known for some popular shampoos. For more information on the great line-up of products from sunsilk this is the link





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Dr.Manmohan Singh could become the Prime Minister of India  only because someone else couldn’t. The economic reforms of 1991 or the clean image were never the reasons that landed Dr.Singh the job. It was the media spin that later gave these attributes.

While Sonia Gandhi was opposed from within her party and also outside, her son Rahul Gandhi is not. In fact, the chorus for his anointment as the candidate to replace Dr.Singh is not only going stronger by the day  but is also an indicator of the sycophantic roots of the grand old party .So it has come as no surprise when media reports suggest the forced retirement of Dr.Singh in the not too distant future.

However, the question is how to replace Dr.Singh the man who once was described as the most honest person in the land. The success of the Aam Aadmi Party in the elections to the Legislature in Delhi has only hastened the plans to  make Rahul Gandhi the face of the party for the forthcoming elections in 2014. 

In a bizarre and somewhat Kafkaesque manner, it is now Dr.Singh who is portrayed as someone who not only turned a blind eye to all the scams involving the two versions of the UPA but also someone who simply could not do much to solve the pressing economic problems of the day, like inflation. It is ironic since everyone knew from day one that the real power was in the hands of the mother and son combine and not Dr. Singh as is being made now.

It all started with the heir apparent to the seat of power in India tearing some papers to make his views known against the decision of the union cabinet headed by Dr.Singh to enact a law to protect scam tainted lawmakers. This symbolic gesture caused a sudden change in the position taken by the colleagues of Dr.Singh. Now, the  probe report into the Adarsh housing society scam also may see a fresh light of the day ever since Rahul Gandhi expressed his displeasure over the attitude of the Maharashtra government.

Now on cue, most vocal supporters of ‘Rahul Lao,Desh Bachao’ campaign admit that the party has lost its connect with the people after the unprecedented success of the Arvind Kejriwal led party!

The grand scheme called the MNREGA hailed as the brain child of the chairperson of the UPA has not just failed to make any real dent to the poverty and unemployment in the rural areas but is something that has become a boon for the dishonest and the corrupt. The so-called Food Security Act was introduced with much fanfare and credit was given to the Gandhi family. But now, it is Dr.Singh who has to bear the burden of the failure. There are people inside the Congress who at least privately consider the economic reforms introduced in 1991 to be the cause of most of the economic problems faced by the country today.

I am not at all sympathetic to the plight of Dr.Singh. He is not a martyr for he stated sometime back that Rahul Gandhi would make a good leader. Dr.Singh was just a caretaker from the start. History tells many incidents when caretakers had a miserable ending.




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