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I am very fond of my motorcycle having logged many miles with my friends and my family on the pillion.But in recent times, taking to the road has become very costly thanks to the higher price of petrol.


The problem has been compounded by the fact that my pay is extremely low thanks to the defective policy of the state government of Odisha.Even as the governments at the state and the centre seem helpless in solving the problem of growing fiscal deficit on account of unchecked expenditure ( mostly unproductive), I as a student of Economics have decided to make the most of my scarce resources.This shall encourage me to use my cycle wherever and whenever possible.In that way, I can meet the demands of my wife and also save some for my infant son’s future.


There is also another reason why I have decided to use the cycle in place of my bike. The start button of the bike has stopped the little physical exercise that could be had from kick starting the vehicle.Recently, I had checked my blood pressure and my weight.The first one was normal while the needle on the weighing scale crossed the 100 kg mark.For a man of my height, there was an excess of nearly 25 kgs. The doctor wants me to reduce the weight for a healthy life. Dieting is not going to be of a big help as I have the habit of eating in between the main meals.So the best alternative for attaining physical fitness is to use more of the cycle.


I am not interested in setting an example.I am only interested in doing some good for myself.

I dream of owning a car one day and a diesel powered one could be a better option and for further details one go through the link of the Fiat Upgrade Offer.

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Samsung tab contest

There was a time when every tech guru talked about the convergence between various devices such as the mobile phone, the digital camera, the personal media player and the computer. The smartphones of today have managed to bring all the devices and more into a single device, though not always to the optimum level as far as user-friendliness is concerned. The smartphones came with large amounts of memory, good cameras and very good quality audio and video playbacks but somehow something was lacking. The most important deficiency is in the context of the internet where the browsing is restricted due to the small size of the display and also the lack of proper keyboard. Convergence seemed to be more of a fantasy than reality.

The iPad from Apple was the first device or rather a tablet to bring convergence taking full advantage of the advancements in cellular technology such as the 3G. There have been extreme opinions about this device-some who have talked about it in highly glowing terms while some have always been skeptical. The success of the iPad resulted in waves of tablets of different natures and sizes. But then the iPad remained the tablet at the top of the table with no competition in sight.

Things started to change with the arrival of the Android operating system meant for mobile devices from Google. With Android being open source it is highly customizable. This also was the cause of much confusion as far as the hardware was concerned with different manufacturers opting for different sets of hardware. Also, the operating system was meant for mobile phones and not for tablets with much larger displays.

Suddenly, in all the melee about the hardware and the software, came along Samsung with a 7 inch tablet that promised to knock the pants off the legendary iPad with everyone calling it the iPad killer. This tablet called the Galaxy tab was not only good looking and efficient, but also less expensive in relation to the iPad.
But still it was regarded as a poor cousin of the iPad, in every sense of the term.

Then came Honeycomb, the Android flavor that is specifically meant for larger displays like the tablets. Motorola came up with Xoom but it failed to take on the iPad and Apple not content to rest on the success launched iPad2.

Samsung took the initiative by launching the 10.1 inch version of the Galaxy tab powered by Honeycomb. This tablet is the Galaxy tab 750 as it is called in India.
Going by the reviews, Samsung seems to have hit the nail right where it matters.
Honeycomb might not be as good as the iOS powering the iPad, but it is no slouch either. Samsung has applied the touch interface that has worked so well in the Galaxy range of smartphones.

The brilliant display found in many of the smartphones from Samsung surely finds its way into the 750. The display would make watching videos a pleasant experience. The dual core processor and the available RAM on board can make multi-tasking really possible. The display can offer a virtual QWERTY keyboard with keys that can accommodate larger fingers. Typing should be a breeze thanks to applications like SWYPE.

On the productivity front, the ability to make and edit documents and also keep in touch through emails without being tied at one place offers great convenience. With a fully functional browser that has the capability to play Flash based content, it makes for a wonderful web experience.

I am very keen to explore the apps that come with the 750. The Readers Hub seems exciting with the possibility of shuffling through the pages of newspapers and magazines on the go. The thin profile of the 750 can make the reading experience less painful on the hands.

I am very much a creature of the age and I am heavily into social networks-Twitter and Facebook. I keep myself updated either through the laptop or through my mobile phone. The Social Hub that comes with the 750 can help me connect to my friends that much easily.

It is not really an issue over whether the 750 is an iPad killer.The 750 seems to do what it is supposed to do and not kill something.

There are very simple reasons why I want this tablet. My laptop has seen better days and my mobile phone, though a very good one, seems outdated. But my lack of fiscal fitness has prevented me from having the Samsung tab 750.

Thanks to indiblogger and Samsung, I have the opportunity to get one. By the way here is the link of the video of the launch of the 750 in India

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