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My wife is extremely serious when it comes to me.

She is not happy with the time I spend on the internet and the social media. She calls the laptop as my first wife. Ditto for the television and the cell phone. She even sometimes gives the ultimatum about the need to take her more seriously.

She is serious when it comes to the way I dress, which in most cases is casual. She wants me to stick to a more formal attire in keeping with my occupation. But I am more comfortable with my way.

She is serious about my health and there is a lengthy list of dos and donts that I have to stick to. Three weeks ago I felt some discomfort and she took me to a doctor who prescribed some antacid or antiflatulent and that served the purpose. Not content, she wanted me to consult a cardiac specialist who asked me to go for a number of diagnostic tests. Even after spending a good deal of time and money, nothing wrong was found with me.But my wife is not satisfied nor are her siblings who want me to change my ways and that includes no to coffee among other things. In all seriousness, I tried to reason but to no avail.

I am someone who does not in many cases take things seriously and that is what is sometimes the main reason as to why my wife takes most things seriously.

We have to relax and learn to enjoy life by taking the rough with the smooth.

Recently, a senior colleague of mine was asked about his secret of happiness. He smiled and replied that he does not take anything seriously.

As far as my wife is concerned, even a Cadbury 5Star bar cannot reduce her seriousness levels because the fabulous  chocolate treat is on the banned list in my home.Truly, her #ConditionSeriousHai.

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“Knowledge is the only instrument of production that is not subject to diminishing returns”– J M Clark


With that great quote, I would love to do something to learn more about the great subject matter of Economics at one of the premier institutes-the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Coming from a small town with limited resources-knowledge as well as money I could not go further than completing my post-graduation from Berhampur University in Odisha. It was only during my time at the University, I came to know about the great institutes of higher learning and the London School of Economics was one of the greatest. With the post-graduation mark sheet not making for a good read and also the pressure to join the ranks of employed, my dreams of pursuing further studies did not materialise.

On the matter of choosing from institutes in Great Britain, the choice becomes really difficult with Cambridge and Oxford Universities also having a great history. But for me the choice is simple-the London School of Economics.

The reason why I have chosen the London School of Economics starts with the motto which in Latin states “Rerum Cognoscere Causas” when translated into English means “To understand the causes of things”.

The history of the LSE boasts of a large number of Nobel Prize laureates and people who went on to become leaders of their countries. Of course, I have no intention of aiming to capture power since there are other ‘natural’ contenders.

Initially, my choice was The Department of Economic History since I am very much interested in going through the pages of history to trace the path of the economists and their thoughts and doctrines. However, I have decided to go the programme Masters in Population and Development from The Department of International Development.

I am interested to study the linkages between economic development and the problem of population growth in countries like India. It is not only poverty or the lack of economic development that causes population growth but is also true that poverty is the end result of population growth. Such a cause and effect relationship is called ‘vicious circle of poverty’ in the Economics text books. My choice of the course is greatly influenced by the LSE which states that “the core curriculum focuses on social science concepts and perspectives to understand development and population change”. Moreover, there is also a scholarship worth 15,000 pounds on offer.

Coming to the issue of the choice of going to Great Britain, there are great facilities available in the form of scholarships, accommodation options, option of working alongside your studies and most importantly the facility of bringing family for the duration of the course have been most decisive influences.

This is my post for the blogging contest held by and The British Council where the prizes on offer are just incredible. Details of the contest are at


Truly #KNOWLEDGEISGREAT and that in this age, it is knowledge that is the ultimate and the most powerful weapon to fight all kinds of enemies, including poverty and I want to be a soldier in that fight.






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