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Shopping is not just the act of buying something-it is an experience so much so that there is word called ‘shopaholic’ in modern times. There is joy of getting something in your hands although sometimes the despair of a lighter wallet is much heavier.

The advent of supermarkets, hypermarkets and the malls has had a profound effect on the way we do shop.Shopping using the television is also an option as far as buying is concerned. But the introduction of online shopping ever since the internet has pervaded our lives has made shopping an entirely new proposition. These days one even shop using a mobile device thanks to the improvement in technology. However, nothing beats the kick out of going out to shop for the things you want and also you don’t.

There are many who are not comfortable with the idea of making payments online with the threat of hacking etc. always looming on the not so far away horizon. Options like cash on delivery do not always work. Moreover, it is not satisfaction enough to be unable to feel the physical characteristics of a product in the real shop as opposed to the virtual ones. The sensory organs are the ones who signal complex chemical process in the brain that make us reach for our pockets to buy something.

But given the march of technology it may not be far off when shopping can become more of  a happy experience without the need to carry cash and cards to pay. Near Field Communication (NFC) has the potential to have everything related to finance stored on a small mobile device-not just a cellphone but even a smartwatch. The instances of shoplifting and the disease of kleptomania surely would be relegated to the pages of history.

The use of a fingerprint scanner in the latest iteration of the iPhone is a pointer in this direction when no longer one needs to worry about the contents of the phone being compromised by someone who is not required to. Of course, partners and spouses need to given the prior permission to log onto the devices for the purpose of being able to buy and pay anywhere.

Earlier, it was ‘ shop till you drop’ but now it is ‘shop even when you drop’.

Thanks to and for giving me the opportunity to have a go at some great prizes. is hoping to offer a whole new experience of shopping online with the browser extension for Chrome

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