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Raising a child is a monumental task and it is no surprise that I and my wife have decided not to give any sibling to our son. It is really something that is beyond my comprehension when I think about my mother who had to grapple with four children in addition to her role as a teacher in a high school. My wife wonders when she talks about my mother-in-law who had to raise six girls, including my wife.

When my son was very young-months old, my wife had very little rest. The constant feeding and the demands disturbed her sleep pattern and mine too. The diapers helped not only my son to have a good sleep but also gave my wife to do other household chores.Of course, the burden on my purse was telling.There was also the problem of my son having rashes from the use of certain brands of diapers further adding to the parenting woes.

Since the doctor advised against the use of the airconditioner, putting my son to sleep in the summer months was really difficult. In the night, my wife would walk the entire length of the house with the baby in her arms and as the mercury soared, I had to bear the brunt.

As my son started to crawl and then walk, things became even more difficult when it came to bedtime. He simply would not want to sleep and this continued for months together. After this experience, me and my wife decided to switch off the lights and close the doors and my son could be put to sleep. My wife, a trained classical singer put her talents and voice to good use in singing lullabies.The use of the diapers continued further denting my cash balances. As my son started to grow, finding the right diaper in the market also became difficult in the small town of mine. Of course, I had to take recourse to the online shopping sites. I became the envy of my colleagues whenever the courier delivered large packets containing diapers.

Now with my son now of four years, the diaper is mostly not in use, except during travels and social gatherings. He no longer requires the diaper during the night, waking up his mother to take him to the toilet.

Now-a-days it takes a lot of effort at bedtime. My son switches on the nightlamp and he is also in-charge of the mosquito liquidator. As soon as I turn off the light, my son wants to go to the toilet. His mother does the needful.

The actual story starts now with my wife singing lullabies and nursery rhymes. She even teaches alphabets and numbers and the whole exercise continues for nearly an hour and then my son sleeps.In between, he asks for water and even wants to go to the toilet. He doesn’t want me or his mother to sleep. Recently, there is a change. My son wants me to make a promise that I need to keep when he wakes up the next morning. The demands can range from a chocolate to the tablet or the phone or the laptop or a ride on the motorcycle.

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