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It has been extremely difficult for me to get this post up on to my blog in time for the great contest put up by and Surf Excel. The reason being the paucity of time.

Being a student of Economics, I was taught that while human wants are unlimited the resources to satisfy them not are scarce, but also have alternative uses. I tell the same to my students in the classrooms.

For a long time, money seemed to be the only resource that was in short supply as far as I was concerned and that gave me difficulties in life.But marriage and fatherhood added a whole new variable to already complex equation.

When I was single, I had all the time to do whatever I wanted to do, of course, within the confines of my small wallet. I developed this habit of watching movies and surfing the internet late into the night. The nighttime was also utilised for tasks related to my job. My father and mother wanted me to go to the bed early but their pleas were never listened to. The evening time was meant for friends.

Marriage brought a dramatic change to my routine. Initially, my wife was rather intimidated to make any change to my time allocation. But as soon as I became a father, she took control. The lights went out early and she even threatened to throw my laptop out of the home. It has become extremely difficult for me to watch the television late into the night. The ‘big brother’ i.e., my wife was always watching me.

The evenings are now spent in the company of my wife and son. I have to share some of the responsibility of the home. In the beginning, things felt cumbersome but now I am happy to spend time with the family. The trade-off is evident in the frequency of my posts on the blog.My friends are now given more time on the phone. It seems a thing of the very distant past when some friend wants me to join him for some event.

The two extra hours can make me a better son, a loving husband and a caring father. Of course, with wants having the knack of recurring, the extra hours may be used for some thing different that might not please my wife.

After all these years, I realise the need to give more time to the real world and not to the virtual one.

If only I win something big in this contest, I can get my wife sanction more time for my late night activities.

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I am not sure if I can enter the Dove contest.But the thought of getting an Apple iPad in my hands has pushed me to post this blog and throw my hat into the proverbial ring.

When me and my siblings were young, my mother used to oil our scalps with castor oil.Sundays were special days with my mother making special dishes that could not be made on other days since she was a teacher.But in between the breakfast and the lunch, there this habit of hers to clean our hair using traditional stuff like rita or kunkudukayalu in Telugu.The solution made the eyes burn for a while and in the mouth it tasted extremely bitter. My younger brother who has curly hair found this exercise extremely painful and spared no effort to show his displeasure. My mother lost cool and a solid smack on his back was the reward.

The same ingredients were used on festive occasions. Being very young, we could not think of any alternatives to the castor oil and the herbal homemade shampoo.

Being the eldest, I had friends who were using shampoos and I could muster some courage to ask my mother for the necessary permission.But like in The Animal Farm, everyone fell silent to support me and for many years this was the regular practice. It was only when my mother became busy with her household chores and the school work, that we could start to use the shampoos.

As far as the hairoil was concerned, it was not until the castor oil-a particular brand was removed from the market, that a different oil was introduced.The castor oil was replaced by coconut oil-one without any perfume.Earlier where my mother insisted on us oiling our hair everyday, we wanted our hair to move with the breeze.

Today, with the exception of my mother all the other members in the family use different kinds of oils and shampoos much to the chagrin of my mother.She still uses the same brand of coconut oil even after all these years. When anyone in the family cribs about greying hair, my mother launches into a tirade against our hair styles and the hair oil and shampoo choices.

Now after all these years, I realise that my mother knows the best when it comes to hair and hair care.My mother and the mother of my son have agreed on the choice of the hair oil and the hair care methods when it comes to my son.But it is only a matter of time before my son follows the hairy path set out by his father, uncles and aunt.

Thanks to and Dove I got this opportunity to win some great goodies.

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It is not every day that someone comes forward with the unbelievable offer of satisfying the shopaholic in me and my wife.That offer has been made by indiblogger and

It took me and my wife a good deal of time to settle down on the goodies that are on display at The fact that my infant son wanted to have a go at the laptop made the matter even more time consuming that it should have been.Of course, in real life, I have to put up with the hard bargains that my wife has the knack of.

Since my wife has to be given precedence, I shall start with the things that she requires.

1.Replay Gold Brass Bangle- to show that she is young at heart.

2.Replay Siver Red, Green Earrings-to compete with her younger sister.

3.Luis Trenker Vest Rosi Green Women-to flaunt herself.

4.Luis Trenker Sweater Matilde Light Grey Women-to beat the chill in style.

5.Pink Poodle Bag Funkline-Jungle Saturday-Green-to throw her weight around.

6.Pink Poodle Celebrity Amy Black-to make her feel like a celebrity.

7.Pink Poodle Young Art Graffitiy-The Statement-Pink-Black- to make her appear colourful.

8.Pink Poodle Young Art Graffitiy-Brilliant Black-to carry small change and her ubiquitous cell phone

9.Replay Ladies Watch-RW 5901 NR-to make a statement in denims.

10.Replay Ladies Watch-RN 5203 NH-for formal occasions.

11.Replay Unisex Watch-RH5501N2D-for casual occasions.

Now comes the goodies that my wife has selected for me.She has the habit of reminding me about any lack of fashion sense on my part. Having been a teacher for more than 15 years and also being the son of teachers I am someone who does not like to be in sync with the latest in fashion. I want my clothes and accessories to be functional and something which can be comfortable to wear.But since marriage, my fashion sense has been codified by my wife. Here then are the things for me.

1.Replay Gents Watch- RM3306 NH- I have managed to hold of my wife and selected something that would always appeal to me.

2.True Religion Jeans Bobby Men- I have always loved to wear jeans and this piece seems to be perfect. I would not like to wear this to my workplace but for other occasions this is right.

3.True Religion Longsleeve Bike Seat Rock N-I am always interested in going to places on my bike and even if such journeys have been drastically slashed partly due to the rising petrol prices and the demands of my wife, the longsleeve has been picked by her.

4.True Religion Shoe Black- My wife feels that I appear older than my years thanks to the shoes that I have and so for a change, this shoes can brighten my looks.

5.Luis Tenker Blazer Sandro Black Men- I am tired of wearing jackets and sweaters in the winter months and this blazer seems to be the right mix of style and functionality.

6.Luis Trenker Trouser Petrus Beige Men-My trousers are usually dark and so the beige one can have it place of prominence in my wardrobe.

7.Luis Trenker Belt Franco Brown Men-My belts are black and a brown one should complement nicely the Beige trouser.

8.Luis Trenker Shoe Axel Brown Men- the shoes are different from what I have.

9.Replay Silver Cufflinks-RAM130- sometimes a bit of class is not harmful.

I hope the wishlist(s) help me win the grand prize.

For more great offers on here is the link.

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